Television Review: Doctor Who, “Let’s Kill Hitler”

Having Doctor Who back on the small screen just about made my day last weekend. Ok. Who am I kidding, of course it completely made my day. Season 6.2 (aka 6(b)) arrived and didn’t pull any punches. Literally. In this episode we see Rory punch Hitler, run after his daughter, and ride a motorcycle. He was awesome. Karen Gillian plays two parts, Amy Pond and a robot full of miniaturized time travelers. Matt Smith gets to show off his acting skills with many emotional moments as the Doctor. All in all, it was a great episode.

I was wondering if any of my answers about River Song would be answered, and definitely there were a lot of River bombs dropped. But still her whole story has yet to unfold and I find I have as many more answers now then what were answered. This is definitely a River Song-centric season and I couldn’t be more happier. I hope it all ties up neatly in a bow in the next couple of episodes with an amazing cliff hanger for next season. If that happens, I think this may be one of my favorite season of Doctor Who. So, I’m crossing my fingers that the writers live up to my exceptions and the story is as spectacular as I imagine it can be. Check out some cool fan art by Nadiezda here.

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