Television Review: Warehouse Weekend: The 40th Floor Full of Silver Coins

So, I realized that in putting off putting up my Warehouse 13 for a week, I was putting up a review of a show after the latest one was aired. So, I’ve decided to change-up the last few episodes and post them on the weekend. I assume most people will read this Monday morning, which is perfect because then they can have a reminder what last weeks episode was before watching this weeks. I think this works out better. ::Crossesfingers::

This episode was centered on the seasons arc and the evil FBI lady spends a lot of time on the screen and we learn that we don’t know anything about this secret agency that is going around stealing artifacts and using them. I was sorely disappointed in Jinks this episode, and that is all I’m going to say about that. I’ve been going back and watching early episodes and I can see even more so how Myka and Pete has grown in their partnership, they have a really wonderful friendship that is just beautiful to watch. Mrs. Fredrick was absolutely awesome and I love every moment that CCH Pounder graces the show with her presence. I love that the plot line of the overall arc took over this episode and so artifacts were thrown in willy nilly and we got to see a lot of cool effects. I really enjoyed watching this and can’t wait to see if some of my predictions are correct.

The show begins with the evil FBI lady being really evil and torturing someone with an artifact. Artie has a voice over during this montage and talks about how the Warehouse Regents are protectors of the artifacts, keepers of the secrets. Then the lady being tortured, presumably a regent, goes up in flames. Four regents in the past year have died of artifact related causes, they need to find the evil FBI lady and figure out what is going on.

Jinks and Pete head out to track her down and approach her in a bar demanding to know where the a missing regent has been taken, when the FBI lady takes out Pete and Jinks and runs out the back door. Myka is there with plan b (no not that kind) and tesla’s her ass. Pete comes running out behind the evil FBI lady and notices a guy in a car drive away.

Screen Still of Warehouse 13

The team takes the FBI lady to a shop where they go through her purse and neutralize an artifact that was in her purse. The artifact that killed the regent. Evil FBI lady refuses to give them information, saying what is done is done. Artie unrolls a scroll and presses the evil FBI lady’s hand on it and it shows them where she has been in the last 12 hours. One place in particular a couple of times, and X marks the spot. Myka, Pete, Claudia, and Artie go to the building claiming to be NSA but still get thrown out of the building, but Claudia has a tesla grenade and takes out the security. Artie pulls a business card off of the security guard, tells Myka to follow him and sends Pete and Claudia off to look at the security footage.

Jinks is guarding the evil FBI lady who tries to convince him to change sides. He is on a sinking ship, she tells him, and she has a life boat. The Regents are not the good guys and I can prove it, evil FBI lady mocks. I really dislike the evil FBI lady and her fake sounding southern accent. Mrs F. shows up. This is going to get interesting.

Claudia and Pete discover that the evil FBI lady did not act alone, she had a partner and they dressed as painters to get into the building. Claudia took the evil FBI lady’s cell phone sim card and she inputs the data into the computer to track down the partners.

Screen Still of Warehouse 13

Artie and Myka discover that the name on the security guards business card was an anagram for the name of the top Regent guy. Artie tells him that he is in danger. Regent Dude (hereinafter RD) says it is unlikely he is in danger, non one knows we are here. We equals more important regents. Artie explains about the evil FBI lady killing off regents. The regents haven’t been a target in a while and so they decide they must try to leave the building. Myka and the RD’s body guard have a huge fight about using the elevator or the stairs and Myka backs down. WTF Myka! Of course the elevator shuts down and when Myka climbs up through the trap door she sees that there is a corrosive eating away at the elevator cables. But luckily she has a batman grappler thanks to HG and uses it to stabilize the elevator in order to open the doors and get out of the elevator. The elevator plummets to the ground. A huge A inside a circle marks where the corrosive agent was paint sprayed.

Screen Still of Warehouse 13

Mrs. F outs the evil FBI lady as not actually being southern. Oh, that is how they are gonna get out of the fact that she couldn’t pull off a southern accent. Evil FBI lady mocks Jinks for not hearing the lie in the accent. What is with Jinks not be able to tell when she lies. Rather disappointed they have revealed what her secret is, or what Jinks problem is. Mrs. F goes all bad ass in the eyes, you killed my friends she intones. You killed my father, prepare to die! Mwuahahahaha. They started it is evil FBI lady’s oh so smart response. Yes, lets fight over blame like two year olds.

Evil FBI lady’s partner is at the bank trying to transfer money. Claudia and Pete have tracked him down. Artie calls Claudia to warn her about the corrosive agent. Pete enters behind the back of the partner and clears the room with his super machoness. Pete has never been hotter. The partner notices Pete in a reflection and grabs a can of spray paint from his bag and threatens to take out the banker. The partner marks the bankers back, sets him on fire and escapes as Pete tries to help the banker. The partner gets into a car and gets away with Claudia and Pete chasing him.

Back on the 37th floor the security guard tries to get the group to split up and head down different stair ways. Myka is against this. They argue. I don’t like this security guard dude, he keeps undermining Myka. Jane the Regent Lady and Myka head to check out one of the stairways while Artie looks at the other. Security Guard argues with Myka, AGAIN!! UGH, die security agent, die. Both of the stairways have corrosive spray paint crawling up them. Everyone heads up to the roof. RD calls in a helicopter, but probably wont make it in time.

Pete and Claudia to Artie that the partner got away. Pete wants to know if tagging and bagging the spray can will stop the corrosion. But they have to find the partner first, Pete notices the traffic cams.

Mrs. F decides she will make the evil FBI lady talk. Especially as the helicopter wont make it and innocent people will die. Evil FBI lady says that the people trapped on the roof are not innocent. Mrs. F tells the evil FBI lady that she has access to artifacts too and she is not afraid to use them. She has military bars form a Japanese unit from World War II, bio warfare. FBI lady is using a pick to try to get out of the cuffs. Mrs. F places the artifact against the evil FBI lady’s chest, which simulates drowning. Bad ass Mrs. F!

Claudia taps into the traffic cams and Pete realizes that the partner is headed to a private airport. Claudia pulls out an ear piece and hacks into the partner’s car’s GPS and tells him the wrong route. Way cool Claudia. I love when she comes up with gadgets and hacks into things.

Mrs. F is still with the drowning which upsets Jinks. This is not who we are! He exclaims, we don’t torture people. We take them to court. Um, really Jinks? How is an evil FBI lady using an artifact to kill a regent gonna go on the stand? Sheesh. Why is he being such a pussy and wimping out here? He is really starting to annoy me. Mrs. F says coldly, this is not a democracy. Evil FBI lady acts all defeated even as she is still trying to get out of her cuffs.

Up on the roof Artie notices a window washer platform. They need to make their way to the floor and use it to escape. The security guard poo poos that idea. What is his damage?! Myka puts him in his place. FINALLY!! They all head down to the floor with the platform. Jane has a whole unnecessary pep talk with Myka while their lives are in danger. GET OUT OF DANGER FIRST!! What is their damage? I mean seriously people, pep talks later. As they are going down the stairs the security guard gets some corrosive material on him and he falls to his death. Thank goodness. Artie yells at everyone to get to the platform, Jane gives Myka another pep talk. W. T. F.

Mrs. F is still torturing the evil FBI lady who tells Mrs. F to go to hell. Jinks pulls a gun on Mrs. F. WHAT? Bad Jinks, bad! The evil FBI lady gets free. Hopefully this is all a ploy of Jinks and Mrs. F to let the evil FBI lady get away so that they can follow her. Nope. Mrs. F is disappointed in Jinks and tells him, now they must deal with the consequences of his actions.

Claudia looks up the symbol, it’s an anarchy symbol from East Germany. Mrs. F realizes that The Wall was a symbol of oppression and that the anarchy symbol was one of freedom. If they find the can maybe they can reverse it. Claudia continues to redirect the partner down into an ally where she and Pete corner him. Pete pulls a tesla on the partner who says he wont tell them anything because if he does his boss will kill him.Then he sprays himself and goes up in flames. I like the fire versus water effects of the killing artifacts in this episode, it’s a nice opposition of effects.Pete and Claudia put the spray can in a purple bag, which neutralizes the can but does not the stop the corrosive effects of the earlier spray painting.

The building is falling down around the people in it. RD gets hit in the head. Other regent dude, Phillip, gets pinned down by the building and then the corrosive agent starts eating at it. Using a key from RD they transfer a cuff from Philip to Jane. Philip says, You are the guardian now. What the hell? Aren’t you guys supposed to be answering questions, why do you keep bringing up new ones! Argh, starting to get annoyed with where I am in all my shows right now. So many questions between them all. Philip disintegrates.

Screen Still of Warehouse 13

The group heads to the window. Artie dissolves the window with one artifact, and then uses Franklin Loyd Wright’s pick-up-sticks to make a ladder from their floor to the platform. Artie and RD make it to the platform when the corrosive agent dissolves the ladder and only they make it to the ground uses the plat form. Myka and Jane must find another way out of the building. Jane tells Myka her husband used to be a fireman and so she has the idea to use the fire hose on each floor to lower them through the elevator shaft to the next floor until they can make it to the bottom.

Artie realizes that if they use the spray can to spread a different emotion and symbol around the anarchy one they may be able to neutralize the first spray painting. Pete paints a peace symbol over it with purple paint/goo and stops the corrosion. Which is fortuitous because Myka and Jane reach a floor where they can’t get to the fire hose and are stuck.

The evil FBI lady meets up with the shadow man who is upset because she didn’t do her job. But she has good news, she thinks Jinks is turnable because he has not drunk the Kool-aid  yet. But the dude from the car kills her. A little anti-climatic frankly. She goes quietly into the night? What did she think would happen if she showed up having failed? Marcus is the name of the guy from the car, so he is the new baddie I guess.

Myka and Jane rescued. Pete finds Myka and hugs her for a long moment. She is not allowed to almost die without him around. Awww! She wants to introduce him to the new regent lady.

Claudia has traced the sources of who brought the Warehouse agents into town, it is a company that they need to track down. Mrs F is upset because this means not only does the enemy know more about them then they do about the enemy, but they also have artifacts. Artie wonders if they are unstoppable. They must fortify their defense. Artie also wonders at how they went about going after the regents, not an assassination, they must have wanted the cuff. But why? Mrs F explains it is the Warehouses last line of defense.

Claudia and Jinks talk, something is wrong. Jinks explains that while he loves chasing down artifacts with Claudia he has been fired because he pulled a gun on Mrs F. Poor Claudia. Unless this is all a ruse to get Jinks into the inner circle of the bad guys where he can tell what the lies and the truths are? God, I hope so. Because otherwise, I’m gonna have to hate Jinks and I like Jinks.

Myka takes Pete over to the agent lady and introduces him. Jane turns around and met goes, “Mom!”

I don’t remember much about Pete’s parents but WTF! And Cool!! Maybe?? I can’t wait until the next episode. This season’s story is really shaping up. 😀 I hope everything gets answered, and that the good guys get the bad guys.

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