I’m A Nerd

So I just had THIS conversation the other day. And let me preface it by saying that I’m absolutely right to be annoyed. The whole reason the show is called Doctor Who is because The Doctor (occasionally known as John Smith) never tells anyone his real name. The whole River Song thing is tied up in his name. His name is a big deal and so the play on Doctor who? is funny. So, I’m right. If weird. But still, right.

Me: I haaaate when people write Dr. Who. Ugh!
Sara: You hate what?
Me: Dr. vs Doctor. Because he’s the Doctor, not Who with a medical degree.
Sara: …. ::blink::
I thought my thought process was fairly straight forward, so I tried typing it in differently, maybe it came across chatting differently than in my head. It happens.
Me: He’s “The Doctor.” His name is not Who . . . with a medical degree.
Apparently, no such luck. Sara waited a few beats before asking:
Sara: So how is “Doctor Who” any better?
Me: Because it spells out what he actually is -Doctor. Plus the proper nerd way to shorten the show is DW, not Dr. Who. So people who do Dr. Who obviously are just trying to jump on a bandwagon without proper jumping gear. It bugs me! I’M A NERD! It bugs me
Sara: You are a nerd.
Me: I’m also a little neurotic.
I think it is evident DW is the correct way to shorten Doctor Who because that is the image icon for the show currently. Just FYI. I get this is not “real drama”, but I am a little OCD about certain things. I’m a nerd.

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