Television Review: Doctor Who, “Night Terrors”

In the episode Night Terrors, Doctor Who suspends further story arc telling and focuses on the monster of the week. George is a young boy who is afraid of monsters and sends such a loud message out into the ether that the Doctor’s psychic paper picks it up and the Doctor, Rory, and Amy go to investigate. They then end up battling wooden beings and trying to convince George that the only way to deal with evil in our lives is to face it head on.

It was an interesting timing for this episode and seemed a bit disjointed with the fast passed overall season story arc regarding River Song that has been the focus of the past few episodes. Overall a good monster of the week episode to sit and enjoy, but a little disappointing on the River Song front. I felt like this belonged sometime maybe last season where Amy and Rory are acting a bit out of character for all that is happening in their lives. Matt Smith is brilliant in his chemistry with the guest actors and somehow pulls off this uncharacteristic episode making it far more enjoyable than it otherwise would have been. But then, I think Matt Smith is continuously brilliant, so I may be a bit biased.

Clip for tonight’s episode:

Couple of thoughts: First, AWESOME AMY!!! I really really want to go as her this Halloween. Second, why do they keep teasing us with Mark Sheppard’s voice doing the intro bits? I want to see his character again!


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