Television Review: Doctor Who, “The Girl Who Waited”

Screen Still from Doctor Who

Last week Doctor Who returned with a very Rory and Amy centric episode, and I’m not complaining. I understand that people enjoy the monster of the week episodes more and some people prefer watching the story arc episodes, personally I enjoy a mixture of all three and have really liked the breakup of the episodes in the season thus far. I’m a huge fan of Rory, so I’m biased, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching him take center stage again and deal with his dilemma. He wasn’t very kind to the Doctor, but sometimes someone has to say the harsh truth and Rory said it with such love for Amy that the Doctor maybe actually heard him.

“The Girl Who Waited” is the story of Amy getting mixed up in a timey wimey wibbly wobbly way and the Doctor trying to teach Rory how to make the hard decision when Rory teaches the Doctor that the decision should never have had to happen in the first place. Even though his scenes were not as extensive in this episode, Matt Smith plays the Doctor with such heart, hope, and grim determination that I just fell in love with him a little more. Karen Gillan did an excellent job in her rolesesses, and I loved her fight scenes. If she hadn’t been so perfect in her part, Arthur Darvill’s scenes playing off of her wouldn’t have flown either. The chemistry and connection between the two of them was something to watch. Arthur Darvill is my new hero, he has brought a big nosed sorta boyfriend character to bumbly husband to a man of courage and heart and the ability to be there for the people he loves. Great relationship episode with enough science fiction time weirdness to keep me intrigued.

Read a more in depth review here. And you can check out some fan art from this episode The Girl Who Waited by CPD-91.

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