Television Review: Warehouse Weekend: Shadows

“Shadows” is a decent episode, but I don’t think it is going to make anyone’s list of great works of television.The story line is ok, going back in time to discover how Jane became a regent is ok cool. But seemed to take up an inordinate amount of time, it could have been told a lot quicker. After last weeks race to the finish line type of story this one was a swing quite far in the opposite direction. I really enjoyed the Myka and Claudia artifact finding storyline, though it seemed to have nothing to do with the other storyline, a tad unusual for the series. I like the chemistry between the two women, and Claudia has to be one of my favorite characters on television. An enjoyable, if somewhat  non-memorable episode.

The episode opens with Pete freaking out about his mom. He’s upset that she never told him that she was a regent and that she never would have except he found out on accident.

In Portland there is an electrical snafu, a flash of light, and a man disappears while mowing the lawn. This comes up as a ping at the Warehouse and Artie sends Claudia and Myka to investigate. The two women argue with him and he yells at them, “It’s not snag, bag, and nag! Go!” They do. As they leave we see that the doggy is still with Artie. Awwness. Before Myka leaves she says good-bye to Pete and they have a talk about his mother’s secret. Pete is still pouting. The two of them talk about whether or not it was they were manipulated into being warehouse agents or if they chose to be agents. Myka questions whether it matters, and Pete says it does.

Mrs. F and Pete’s mom, Jane, have a little pow-wow. Jane is upset that Pete is upset, Mrs. F says that keeping secrets is important. Jane points out that Mrs. F’s son is not an agent. Does this mean Mrs. F doesn’t have a son? Or that her son is not an agent? And will we ever get to meet her son if he exists? Why would they bring it up otherwise? Jane says that she feels like she knows what A-Z Technologies stands for, if only she could dig it out of her memory. This gives Mrs. F an idea. I love it when Mrs. F gets an idea.

Claudia and Myka check out the scene and wonder if something magnetic cause the electrical outage. They go to the man’s business, which is a T-Shirt shop. The employees tell Claudia and Myka that the man was hard to work for, and he had just laid off a lot of people who may be angry at him. Meanwhile some dude named Brendan is yelling at a window for someone to talk to him. A flash of light and Brendan also disappears. No, I don’t know why his name stuck in my head and I called the first dude, dude. Except maybe I understand how these episodes work, and the first victim is rarely the most important victim.

Mrs. F has found a way to travel back in memories. Artie is concerned that it is too dangerous. It is a pair of bronzed boots that let you walk back into your memories. The dangerous part is that you can get so caught up in your memories and you never want to leave. I would love a mechanism to let me walk into my dreams! I had this dream about an awesome house that I would love to get the blue prints for and build, just without the dead family inside it. Mrs. F assures Jane that she will act as anchor and make sure Jane comes back to the present. But Pete says he will go instead as the anchor. This reminds me of the books I just read where the woman goes back into time through the wasteland to moot curses and has someone stay with her body in the present as an anchor. I love to pretend the things I read about science fiction exist in the same universe, the authors just have a different way of describing things. Sometimes things line up really well, and some times not so much.

The memory is of Pete’s old house, Jane is confused she doesn’t think this is the right day. It is the day of Pete’s dad’s funeral. In Portland, Claudia and Myka find out from Brendan’s roommate that Brendan had a girlfriend. Her name was Megan Reese which Myka realizes was on the list of former employees of the t-shirt shop. Myka and Claudia head over to the girlfriends house and see where Brendan disappeared. There appears to  be a shadow burned onto a big box, Myka hypothesizes that it is a nuclear artifact because it reminds her of pictures of Hiroshima. Myka and Claudia go and talk to Megan who thinks she is a monster because people keep dying around her, but Myka and Claudia don’t die.

Alessandra Torresani as Megan in Warehouse 13
Screen Still from Warehouse 13

Back in the memory, Mrs. F comes to the funeral and tries to talk Jane into becoming a regent again, that the Warehouse needs her help as there is an artifact in town. Not sure why Mrs. F can’t just take care of it, the woman has just buried her husband. Sheesh!! If I were Pete I would be pissed at finding this out. Myka and Claudia find out from Megan that people disappearing began to happen right after she was mugged in Indiana, had a fight with her boyfriend, there was a flash of light, and he disappeared.

Down 80s memory lane
Screen Still from Warehouse 13

Mrs. F tells Jane they need her particular help, as the person with the artifact is a child. Claudia realizes that Megan can’t be the artifact because she wasn’t around when her boss disappeared. As they leave the apartment complex to head back to the t-shirt shop, the landlady comes out and berates Megan. There is a flash of light, and the landlady disappears. Megan runs away. Myka realizes that the shadow the landlady made meant that the flash of light came from a different direction than Megan, and therefore the artifact was not in Megan’s possession. Myka goes after the artifact and Claudia after Megan.

Jane gets a call from Mrs. F sometime after the funeral and decides to help out the warehouse lying to Pete as she leaves the house. This upsets Pete a lot. Who really believes that their parents never lied to them? Poor Pete, he is having so many troubles and his manly pecks will not help him this time. Jane talks to a boy who is throwing around a baseball, he has something on his wrist. The artifact. However, I never saw Jane get the artifact from him, I thought she switched the ball. I’m confused. Pete begins to talk over my inner monologue and I listen as he whines at his mother that after his father’s death he should have been her one, the one she told about the Warehouse. Ok, A) he’s a kid, why would she tell a kids this stuff? and B) the emotional impact of this statement is like a mild love tap instead of the punch it seems the writers wanted. Maybe if Pete didn’t sound like he was still whining.

Claudia finds Megan in a cemetery and they joke. This episode has some great lines for Claudia as resident geek. I love her character! Myka goes tot he roof where the artifact would have been used and finds some glitter. After comparing the year book that Megan constantly carries around to the list of ex-employees of the t-shirt shop Myka discovers that Megan has a stalker, who is willing to kill for her. Yikes. Myka thinks his obsession means that Megan is in danger too. They need to find the artifact.

Peter watches as Artie and McPhearson, both much younger, appear in his mom’s memory and they take the artifact away from the kid. Ah, so Jane didn’t get the artifact, she just discovered it. Jane was upset because it drastically changed the life of the kid, but put him on the right track. Young Pete and his Dad have a talk in a previous memory of Jane’s about how doing the right thing keeps the world safe. Pete wants to stay in his mom’s memories forever watching his dad (wouldn’t that get a little ewww at some point) and Jane ends up being his anchor and pulling back into the present. Jane tells Pete she didn’t want him to know she was a regent, and she didn’t want him to be a Warehouse agent, because they take too many risks, and she wants him safe because she loves him.

Megan goes and talks to Jeff, the stalker. In high school she stood up for him and now he is standing up for her, and protecting her. He tells her he is using special binoculars. But then he gets suspicious and takes her hostage when Claudia and Myka show up. He tries to stop Claudia and Myka but he is no match for them, and they find a way into the t-shirt place. He almost gets Myka with the light ray of nuclear death, but Megan distracts him, then he points the binoculars at Megan and Claudia intervenes with a counter reacting beam of something. The binoculars were from a pilot on the plane that dropped the Hiroshima bomb. They said the name of the pilot, and God forgive us. The binoculars were set off by Jeff’s rage and Megan is not to blame.

Claudia realizes that she needs to call Jinks and goes to do so. Jane and Mrs. F get the bracelet from the warehouse shelf explaining that the person who wrote the original Pinocchio story also made marionettes, and the bracelet is made from some of the strings . The bracelet gave the boy control of his limbs so he could walk, once they took it away from him he was confined to a wheelchair. That boy is now a man and is the one killing off the regents and trying to take out Pete’s mom.The A-Z has something to do with a ball cap he had one when Jane was at his house vibing on the bracelet/artifact.

We see the little boy all grown up, still in a wheelchair. He is talking with Marcus, who killed the annoying evil FBI lady, and tells Marcus to go after Jinks because Jinks is vulnerable. I’m still sorta hoping this is an elaborate scheme of Mrs. F. ::crossesfingers:: Another regent is dead on the sofa, eww holding meetings near a dead body gross. Wheelchair dude has found a new way to destroy the shackles because it didn’t work with the assassination attempt.

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