Book Reviews: Undead and Undermined, Psych: Mind Over Magic

Undead and Undermined:

MaryJanice Davidson has grown as a writer as throughout her series (And if you haven’t read the series, you might not want to finish the review. Not major **spoilers** but a few minor ones). Each book in her Undead Series keeps getting better and better, without loosing the funny. (I wont get into my annoyance with other authors who do that, just now. But it is a big peeve). The main character in the Undead Series is Betsy, an vampire Queen living with the vampire King and friends in a huge mansion in Minneapolis, MN.

The series starts out on a funny note. In the very first book, Undead and Unwed, Betsy wakes up in a morgue about to be buried in Payless knockoffs. This upsets her more than the undead part, and hilarity ensues. Part way through the series, it takes on a more serious note, and in recent installments the timeline begins to shift. I love when authors mess with their own time lines, especially if they can do it as well as Davidson does.

In Undead and Undermined, Betsy and the Anti-Christ (her step-sister) have returned from a trip to Hell (literally), a trip to the past, and a trip to the future. During her recently trips Betsy’s actions makes slight adjustments to the original time line, which results in Betsy returning to a completely different present. Now, Betsy must face the consequences of changing the past, by living in a different present, hoping she has adequately changed her future. Once she stops howling over the fact that clogs are in vogue and heels are a thing of the past.

 I’m sure some people will be a bit upset at the reset of their beloved universe, and may be confused by changed time lines, but those readers who are used to science fiction universes will easily follow along. I’d rather a change in timeline than a continuous dredge of humanity/vampires/werewolves in the same place going over the same problems. Davidson never takes the easy, cliched route. Why, her main characters actually marry after the first book, no triangle angst here. This book brought me laughter, and it brought me to tears. And I await the continuing drama of a Vampire Queen who yells bloody murder about clogs.

Psych: Mind Over Magic

So, I’m bit of a nerd and read a book based on a television show that I love. I liked that the author has written for the show and so the voices of Shawn, Gus, and Henry are loud and clear. I could literally hear them in my head (don’t look at me like that). I wasn’t too keen on all the thinking that was put in the book. I guess I would not have minded if it was one person’s perspective throughout the book. But the author skipped around the second person story telling multiple perspectives, and it was a little too much. I found it distracting.

The story centers around an illusionist and a dead guy in a tank of water. Shawn and Gus must find a giant green monster, the explanation for the illusion, and the bad guy before their client comes after them with a bat to the knees. A decent psych episode and fun to read. I may, just may, pick up another one of these tales. Yes, I’mma nerd.


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