Television Review: Fringe Friday: Neither Here Nor There, Peter is in Neverwere

This season opens exactly where last season’s doozy of a cliff hanger left off, and it doesn’t let up. This episode follows Olivia as she navigates the world through the lens of the Fringe unit, introducing Agent Lee to a whole new universe of strange. A new time line is in play and the audience is shown exactly what that means as the story progresses.

The main Fringe related event is a translucent man running around hurting people. Who this translucent man is, and why he is doing the things he is doing, are the questions Olivia seeks answers to. Walter is in rare form, even more eccentric than usual. This episode set the standard for the season, and I can only hope the rest of it lives up to the hype.

Peter has disappeared from both universes leaving Olivia and Fauxlivia to make peace in his absence. They fail to do so, bickering about trust and sharing files instead. I love Anna Torv’s portrayal of Fauxlivia, she is such a sassy red head!! Olivia on the other hand is just a hard ass. Her actions remind me of how she used to be in season 1. I wasn’t such a fan of season 1.

The observers are at dinner talking about the re-written time line, and how while Peter has been erased traces of him still bleed through. It is up to one of the observers to rectify his mistake, ensure that events play out as intended, so that the boy doesn’t grow up to be a man. This sounds more and more like the adjustment bureau. There is a grand design these agents must ensure happens. For some reason that means stopping a child from growing up.

Agent Lee is given more face time in this episode. He meets up with his partner hurrying him along to their next case. They head out to a wear house where they separate, never a good idea. A zombie shows up, one with translucent skin. He kills Agent Lee’s partner. Agent Lee is chasing down another dude he handcuffs. I would just like to point out, that they never explain what happens to the handcuffed guy. At least not that I ever noted. And I watched. Agent Lee finds where his partner’s body has been taken and it is Walter’s lab. He watches as Walter injects a dead bird with something so it flies, but it is not alive. A zombie bird. So many zombies this week!

Agent Lee talks his way into following Olivia to another site where another translucent man has killed a woman in a car. A woman at the scene has a cell phone picture of the killer, and its a creepy picture. Olivia decides Agent Lee’s discovery of the woman, and therefore the picture, make bringing him in on the case worthwhile. Olivia takes him to a room where a shit done of bodies are stored that the translucent man has murdered. There seems to be no connection. Why would the zombie translucent man want their blood? Agent Lee mentions his partner took iron pills because he had Crohn’s disease.

Screen Still from Fringe

The observer is in a hardware store putting interesting things into his basked, included a red button. He is attempting to erase someone from time he tells the proprietor of the store. Why would he tell the man something like that. Seems a little weird. Walter climbs out of a sensory depth thing, he is freaked out because he saw a man in the mirror. Olivia calms him down. I wonder if Walter is seeing Peter. Agent Lee asks Olivia if Walter is OK, Olivia explains that Walter is function, and often quite brilliant. But there is nothing to tether him to this world. Aww, he needs Peter. But OMG old man chest!!! Old man chest!!! ::shudder::

Walter tests the bodies for iron related diseases because of Agent Lee’s suggestion. Wrong connection between the bodies, but they did all have health problems which were caused by heavy metal poisonings. But now their blood work is normal. Maybe the bad guys needed the bad stuff in the blood?

The translucent zombie is shooting up with blood presumably taken from Agent Lee’s partner. He becomes less translucent. He writes his experiment in a notebook. WTF. Meanwhile Agent Lee and Olivia are having a heated discussion because she wont return the bodies to their families. She says the people will go on believing their loved ones are missing. It’s too dangerous to release the bodies, they can’t draw attention to the fringe division. Aster gets a ping from one of the credit cards for an automatic renewal of a commuter card fee. Olivia realizes that the selection of victims has something to do with them being commuters.

Olivia explains to Agent Lee as they drive to an area predetermined by the mapping of the commuter info, that she lost a partner too. Charlie, exactly the same way it happened in the other time line. However, her partner is dead. They get a radio call that the translucent man is at a railroad station, they head in that direction. One of the agents on the seen is dragged off, he dies. Another agent is shot, Agent Lee stays with him and calls for an ambulance while Olivia takes off. Olivia and the translucent man fight, she shoots him. Frankly the translucent man sorta now looks like the flesh people from Doctor Who. It is creepy how all my shows are bleeding together.

Agent Lee discovers there were two translucent zombies, he goes after the second and shoots him down. This zombies hand is whole. And ambulance arrives. Every one heads home. The audience watches as a translucent woman walks away from the scene. So there are more of them out there. Agent Lee stops buy the lab to thank Olivia for releasing his partner’s body. Walter has discovered something in the translucent man’s body, it’s a hybrid body part. The technology is not from this universe. Olivia shows Agent Lee the basement which houses the jail cells a connection area to the alternate universe. Fauxlivia arrives and Olivia tells her that Walternate is messing with their universe. Fauxlivia agrees to look into it.

Olivia explains to Agent Lee that she has had a hole in her life as long as she could remember. After the plane incident with Charlie, she joined Fringe hoping to find answers. Instead she just found more questions. Don’t we all Olivia, don’t we all. For example, I have a question. Where the Hell is Peter?

The observer is outside the lab with a bomb, but he can’t set it off. He walks away instead. My other question Olivia, or rather Agent Lee. WHERE IS THE HANDCUFFED DUDE!!!???

Walter lives at the lab now, he doesn’t go out. He turns off the TV and Peter’s reflection in in the TV. Walter begins to shout that he saw the man again, the man from the mirror. (TOTES called that one!)

Ever so many more questions. Hopefully tonight’s episode will clear a few things up? Please!!

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