Television Review: Doctor Who, “Closing Time”

Screen Still from Doctor Who

The Doctor shows up at Craig’s doorstep in “Closing Time” to say his good-byes. As he leaves Craig’s apartment, one Craig shares with his wife Sophie and his son, the Doctor hears whispers on the wind, and though he tries not to, inevitably he heads off to investigate. Part of his investigation requires undercover work at a toys shop in a mall where the Doctor runs into Craig again, and Craig realizes that something is afoot. And the safest place for him and his son is with the Doctor.

So begins a brilliant episode. I laughed so much as the Doctor renews his bromance with Craig (from the episode “The Lodger”). The Doctor does his investigation, pulling Craig along with him. Likening his companions to babies in carriages that people always stop and talk to, so the Doctor always is in the know. The Doctor learns some lessons along the way, about humanity and his role in trying to save the earth over and over again. The episode ends with the Doctor heading off to Lake Silencio where the season began with a bang. Here’s me waiting with bated breath as the season concludes with “The Wedding of River Song.”

Trailer for the upcoming episode. [via io9]

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