Movie Review: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Screen Still from Dylan Dog

I actually watched Dylan Dog: Dead of Night via a free redbox rental several weeks ago, and have been meaning to post a short review. But just as the movie was kind of “meh” I figured my review of it would be also. This was not a bad movie, nor was it such a terrible movie it became good (which is what I was hoping for), it neither took off nor faltered. It just sort of endured.

Dylan Dog and his Zombie Assisstant
Screen Still from Dylan Dog

What I enjoyed was the plot. It was decent and fun with “vampires” and “werewolves” and a detective using non magical means to confront them. Which also meant that Brandon Routh got thrown around a lot. The “fight” scenes became more like when Sam and Dean went up against the Leviathan in the recent episode of Supernatural. A lot of blood, bruising, and not a lot of fighting. I liked the whole ghouls/zombie mythology, it was fun, entertaining, and original. I liked the girl in the movie, but can’t remember her name, so that’s how much I liked her. Just enough to remember she was a petite blond with a few good scenes, but not enough to remember what her character’s name was. I didn’t like that it was fairly predictable. But then, maybe that is because all I do is watch science fiction movies and television, and there really is nothing new under the sun. Taye Diggs was fun, but should have had more screen time. The scenes he were in were by far the best. Hot. Man. And sooo fiiine!!

Dylan Dog and sexyness
Screen Still from Dylan Dog

I enjoyed that the “universe” of Dylan Dog fit nicely into the Jami’s Science Fiction Universe Residing in the Back of Her Brain. See, I read all these books about vampires and werewolves from Sookie Stackhouse, to Dresden Files, to Kim Harrison’s Hollows Series, and I watch nearly every movie about them too. Underworld, Twilight (yes, I watch the Twilight movies), True Blood, and Supernatural are just some of the series I watch. What I decided awhile ago, was that every author, writer, director, creator of such a series spoke of one universe in different words. Every person had a different perspective, but it was one huge universe. Sam and Dean (Supernatural) travel the country hunting down monsters, and they might some day come across Harry Dresden’s half brother a vampire who eats emotions or Rachel’s (Hollow’s Series) roommate who is trying not to die twice which would turn her into a real vampire like in “Twilight“. See, how my brain works? It’s scary. What helps is that each of these series is usually set in a specific city and they don’t overlap (generally). True Sam and Dean travel across the country, but Rachel resides in Cincinnati, Edward and Jacob in Oregon, Dresden in Chicago (!), Sookie in Louisiana, Elizabeth (Undead Series) in Minneapolis, so they all are in slightly different locals. Each has a niche in the market and geography which is what biases their slightly different wording regarding the same creatures. And Dylan Dog fit perfectly into the same universe in my head. His was just another fun story to add to the collection that universe has put on several shelves, closets, drawers in my head. And that made me happy.

Taye Diggs, yum.
Screen Still from Dylan Dog

An OK movie, that made me happy. But I was glad I got it as a free rental with Redbox. Worth having on while working on projects in the house, such as my afghan crochet project. Read another review here.


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