Television Review: Fringe Friday: One Night in October Spooky Voices Filled the Air

Last weeks episode of Fringe kept up the frantic pace from the season premiere and didn’t falter a step. Not even with Peter still missing, bleeding through as mirror images. Olivia must help Fauxlivia with a serial killer case in the Alternate Universe using one doppelganger to understand another. It is an interesting concept that plays out beautifully because the guest actor does a superb job of playing a good guy and a bad guy. John Pyper-Ferguson (Brothers & Sisters, Caprica, Alphas) is no stranger to either role. Agent Lee begins to take on a larger role in Our Universe and its anyone’s guess how Peter will react when he returns. He is gonna return. Right? UGH. Excellent episode, but where is Peter?

“One Night in October” begins with a man shivering, for a minute I wondered if I was watching Warehouse 13 and he was going to turn into a zombie. Instead we follow a trail of neon blue liquid that is entering the guy’s brain and the Bad Guy of the episode is asking him to relive his happiest memory. Memory transference? Storage? Hmmm. Also, wasn’t this actor just the Bad Guy on Alphas? All my SyFy shows are blending together! I mean they do in my head anyway, but must they bleed into each other on the screen too!

Walter is grumbling about the Alternate Universe, yet again. Aster tells him to get past it, the past is the past. Walter is upset because Fauxlivia took over Olivia’s life for two weeks and pranced around in his lab. Then they built a bridge and meant to destroy Our Universe. Agent Lee listens to the ramble and doesn’t even do much more than role his eyes when Walter calls him Kennedy instead of Lincoln. Aster wants Olivia to date Agent Lee, but Olivia says he is not her type. Aster wonders if Olivia’s type exists. Oooh. Subtle Fringe writers, or not.

Broyles calls Olivia into his office and explains about the drilling Bad Guy. This serial killing is going on in the Alternate Universe. Olivia is to help. Fauxlivia wants them to bring over their version of the Bad Guy, Professor John, and help get a step ahead of Bad John. Olivia protests, but Broyles makes her. Olivia interviews Professor John who is a forensic scientist studying serial killers and he offers to help. So she tranqs him. Fauxlivia puts on a blond wig while talking to AlterLee who apparently is still crushing on her, but she has a boy friend. She is going to be Olivia to Professor John. Not sure she is going to pull this off, even with the blondish wig she’s still a sassy redhead underneath.

Bad John the serial killer watches a little girl and her mom at a gas station. Dunn Dunn DUNNN.

Walter and Astrid talk about him not taking his meds properly. Is Peter an illusion? Or is Walter experimenting with drugs because he really does see Peter bleeding into the universe?

Professor John profiles Bad John’s apartment and things. He explains that Bad John is taking people he is jealous have happy lives because he is not happy. Then he finds a picture of his dad in Bad John’s apartment and tries to leave. Olivia, who has been listening to the exchanges with Fauxlivia, jumps out of the van and Professor John is confronted with two blond chicks in FBI suits. You know, they could just be twins. But he sees amber encasing an event in the background (so still ambering things then eh?) and Olivia decides to tell him the truth. Professor John says that the darkness inside of Bad John is inside of him too. Father used to beat him. Olivia shares that her stepfather used to beat her too. Professor John explains he never acted on his urges because a woman showed him small moments of peace that he holds on to. Without this Margery person he would be a serial killer too.

Professor John profiling
Screen Still from Fringe

Woman at gas station has disappeared and we discover that AlterAgent Broyles is still alive in the Alternate Universe (hopefully some one is able to take care of the little girl). Professor John disappears out the bathroom window to find Bad John even though he was told not to by Olivia. (Writing Bad John over and over reminds me of the main protagonist Red John in The Mentalist.) Professor John interrupts Bad John’s drilling into Gas Station Woman’s head. The team decides to hunt down Professor John, which would be easier because as someone from Our Universe he doesn’t have the necessary tech to get around in the Alternate Universe. They track him to the farm Bad John grew up on. Professor John explains to Bad John that the reason he isn’t a killer in his universe is because of a woman named Marjorie. Professor John knows the way to step out of the darkness.

Fauxlivia questions Olivia about her stepfather’s abuse. Olivia explains it wasn’t just a tactic to get Professor John to talk, it happened. Fauxlivia seems surprised by this and asks what happened. Olivia says that she killed him.

Bad John drills into Professor John and extracts the Margery memory from him. While Bad John’s father found dead animals that Bad John had killed (an indicator of potential serial killer tendencies) and beat him up, Professor John ran away to a woman Margery who loved him no matter what he did (which apparently was kill a bird and put it in a chest?). Electrodes go from the contraption around Professor John to Bad John. Yep, memory transference. Called it. Bad John takes people’s happiest memories and it stops the screaming in his head for little while.

Olivia and AlterLee
Screen Still from Fringe

AlterLee and Olivia find the trap door to the cellar on the farm. They enter with Fauxlivia and find Professor John slumped over in a chair, Maureen on the floor, and Bad John heading for a gun. Bad John is crying because he took Professor John’s memories, good memories, and he shouldn’t have taken them. So he shoots himself.

Back in our Universe Professor John has been taken to a hospital. He has no motor damage, but his memories have been wiped. Marjorie is gone. Olivia wonders if he will be a serial killer now. She goes into his hospital room and questions him. Yup, Margery is gone. He remarks that there is always the possibility to step into the light from the darkness. He remembers what Marjorie taught him even if he can’t remember her. Olivia finds this remarkable. Broyles says, he believes that people leave an indelible mark on us, one that can’t be erased.

Walter feeds his fish before he goes to bed. When he turns out the light he hears voices. It is Peter saying, “Walter I am right here.” Walter turns the music up trying to drown out is voice, but he can still hear Peter. “Please Help Me!”

Poor Peter!!!

Clip for tonight’s episode:


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