Television Review: Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song

If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the review. There may be slight spoilers, but nothing huge. Mostly I’m conjecturing.

The season finale of Doctor Who was great, it answered the questions laid out in the season premiere without answering all of the questions of the season. There was closure, cleverness, and coolness galore. I enjoyed watching what appears to be the ending of Rory and Amy as companions. They went out in a bit of sweetness that is unusual for the Doctor’s companions, and little anti-climatic but I’d rather that then the opposite. **coughJossWhedonKillsThemOffcough** (No, Joss Whedon did not direct the episode of Doctor Who, that is just an example of the opposite of a sweet ending.) River’s reverse chronology (sorta) seems also to come to an end, in a somewhat I’m-confused-but-I’ll-believe-you kind of way.

Basically, what happens is that River mucks up time and it stops on April 22, 2011. Though, as is pointed out by other people, time doesn’t really stand still because people move forward in space and make memories, rather the clocks have stopped and it is always 5:02 pm even when it isn’t. All of time now exists at the same time in the same space. Cars fly around with balloons attached to them. Winston Churchill is president (yes president) and veleraptors fly overhead. It is up to the Doctor to call in a few favors and save the world. Which he does with such greatness and cleverness I’m in love all over again. I really love Matt Smith as the Doctor and I hope he stays on past season 7 (which has been filmed, or is filming or something like that). I really really do. ::Crossesfingers::

If you were or are confused by River Song’s story line, the last Doctor Who Confidential is Kingston telling the story of River Song in her chronological order. It makes more sense, not a lot more, but a bit more. And is pretty amazing piece of story line on Moffat’s part. I can’t embedd the bit, but go to Blogtorwho and watch it there.

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