Television Review: Warehouse 13, “Emily Lake”

The season finale for Warehouse 13, season 3 was a two-parter. It took me longer to get through and review, and longer to transcribe my scribbling into a coherent (hopefully) review. Each part will be reviewed separately, or this would be an inordinately long post. Believe you me. I enjoyed much of the season finale. Some of the artifact stuff was a bit much, even for myself to swallow, but the relationship drama and life of the warehouse 13 agents resonated as real and genuine. One of the reasons I just love this show. There were happy parts, shocked parts, and sad parts.

Whenever I write or hear sad parts, I remember this Agnes comic and it cracks me up.

Now, on to the review.

Episode “Emily Lake” begins with Claudia and Artie tracking a signal while Pete and Myka are trying to find an intruder. Someone or something is transmitting into the Warehouse. The crew tracks it to the art gallery and they discover the mugs (nanobytes) from the replaced Van Gogh have infected the computer. Pete zaps the bugs and the signal, on its way to Sykes, is cut off. Sykes has the data, but it is encrypted. Sykes was after the Atlas 66 file which Jane refuses to tell them what that means. Myka fights with her, but Pete intervenes and takes his mom’s side.

Pete leaves the confrontation. Myka follows to give him grief but is surprised to find that Pete has created a PeteCave (I just love Pete for this) where he has a whiteboard full of information and connections as he has been trying to figure out Sykes endgame. (There is also a decent recap of the story thus far helping newer viewers get up to speed. Which would be fine, but seriously what new viewer watches a season finale, a 3rd season finale nonetheless, to check out a show?) Pete and Myka wonder who is working for Sykes now?

It’s Marcus. . . and Jinks. OH NO. Mrs. F has a plan, Mrs. F has a plan. ::crossesfingers:: and ::squeezeseyesshut:: while repeating mantra. Jinks makes it clear with Sykes that he is only helping because he wants his life bank. Jinks agrees to get the bracelet if he can get his ATF position back. Myka and Pete profile the unknown element, the mystery man in the car (Marcus). Claudia tells them she figured out who the hacker is that works for Sykes, it’s the dude from the computer store. Claudia decides to hack into the Atlas 66 file while Pete and Myka track down the hacker (not Claudia). Instead they find H.G. Wells without an accent, working as a teacher, and who faints at the sigh of Pete’s gun.

That came out wrong.

Screen Still from Warehouse 13

Pete and Myka quickly figure out that Emily Lake(as H.G. is now called) honestly has no recollection of them. They tell her they are working on a case of identity theft and follow her home. Artie catches Claudia hacking into the file and sneaks up on her. “Did you just Mrs. F me?” Claudia says. BEST LINE EVER!!! I now have the urge to sneak up on people and see if they will give me that line. I wish I knew more people who watched this show!!! Where are Pete and Myka? He asks Claudia.

They are checking out Emily Lakes apartment. Myka realizes that the pictures on the wall are fakes. Someone created a new ID, a witness protection type of thing? Myka realizes that the Atlas 66 file is about H.G., who was born in the Atlas house in 1866 and that if she figured it out Sykes will soon too, they need to get her safe. Pete vibes, Marcus has appeared. Marcus and Pete fight, Marcus goes over the balcony and falls to his death. Pete catches up with Myka and Emily Lake. (Really it’s a whole new character. I can’t call the mid-western accented teacher H.G. I just can’t). Jinks has them at . . tesla point? Marcus shows up, not dead. Marcus and Jinks take Emily Lake. Pete and Myka call Artie on the Farnsworth. Artie knew about Emily Lake. Oooh. Sneaky Artie. Myka and Pete tell Claudia and Artie that Jinks works for Sykes now. Claudia is heartbroken.

Screen Still from Warehouse 13

Jane explains that they split H.G.’s past from her present and created Emily Lake. The old like goes into a coin. Emily Lake thinks she was in an accident and lost her memory. The hacker also discovers this and it’s a race to the coin. Claudia realizes that the coin must work in conjunction with the sphere that creates a hologram of H.G. Yet apparently it is not just past memories but the past conscious as the hologram H.G. is able to reason as well. This is kinda where the whole coin thing falls apart. Would a coin full of past memories be able to reason? I guess if I buy that a coin can hold past memories, I should be able to buy that it can reason as well. But, I can’t.

The crew lets H.G. out of the box – sphere, whatever- and let her know about her alterego Emily Lake. Pete points out the girl scream, which I also found hilarious. Definitely opposite of fighter H.G. They question her about Sykes, but she doesn’t know why he would want her past consciousness. Jane and Artie pow-wow. Jane says she was chosen as a reagent because of her insight into children. Artie wonders if it was possible they didn’t get the bracelet in time and a seed of darkness took root.

While driving back to the Warehouse he pulls over to the side of the road. He wants to the destroy the coin so that Sykes can’t get what he wants from H.G. Myka is against this, it will kill off H.G. as they know her. But H.G. is in agreement. Tearful good-byes happen and Myka and Claudia walk away while Pete starts to smash the coin. But Marcus shows up with a robe that he uses to control Pete. He makes Pete throw the stone at Myka. Claudia grabs the key and runs off. Jinks takes out after her. Gun shots are heard.

Jinks catches up with Claudia. He tells her that the reagents had a plan, and he was part of it. He was undercover. I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT!!!! Jinks is to learn Sykes plan, but to do that he has to go far undercover. Claudia hands over the key. Jinks says, he couldn’t save his sister, but maybe he can save Claudia. He shoots at the ground. One of my favorite songs begins to play.

It doesn’t hurt me

You want to feel how it feels

You want to know, know that it doesn’t hurt me

Screen Still from Warehouse 13

Pete carries a limping Myka to find Claudia who tells them what happened. They drive off to the airport to catch up with Sykes. Jinks and Marcus hand the coin over to Sykes. Sykes thanks Jinks. I get a bad feeling. Sykes doesn’t seem like the touchy feely person to me. The music is also rather ominous. When the crew arrives the plane is gone. Pete goes up to the office to clear the place and make sure there are no bad guys lurking around. He backs out of the office with an awful look on his face. Lets go he tells them. In fact he orders Claudia to leave. Something Pete never does. Is Jinks dead? WTF? Pete tries a different tactic, please don’t go up there he says to Claudia. She goes anyway and screams. Jinks is dead. And not Marcus dead, dead dead.  Pete starts crying.

Can I just say, I hate Pete crying. I hate hate hate it.

Part 2 of this season finale will be another post.

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