Superman Shirt

Last year I got this fantastical piece of artwork for my friend Keith for his birthday, and this year I intended to get him a matching piece when the art fair rolled around. So on his birthday I handed him an IOU One Piece of Artwork. Which got him super excited that I was going to make something for him, and he even had an idea! I could draw him something. Now, I do not draw. It’s not my thing. So I shook my head and told him I had another idea. Well, my search of the art fair revealed many interesting things, like fascinators, giant people with giant dogs, and some guy getting a henna tear drop next to his eye. Even though he had never been to jail or killed anyone. Yes, a henna tattoo of a tear drop. But what I could not find was the artist that I wanted to buy art from. I spent the next day at work mad. What was I going to do? Keith’s suggestion popped in my brain, but I really am not good at drawing. Still, that evening I was bored and decided to show him. We could have a good laugh, and I would get him a birthday present elsewhere.

Keith is a graphic designer by trade but he also does ink drawings that are really cool. You can check out his website here. He wanted me to do a ink drawing of him wearing a Superman t-shirt. But you can see what kind of ink drawings I was up against.

A tad intimidating. Still, I pulled a couple of pictures off of Facebook and set out to show him what an impossible task it was going to be. I used these two pictures as reference points:

Keith and I in our Superman shirts.

But I finished my pencil outline and didn’t hate it. Still, I frowned at it.

Notes for a Warehouse 13 episode underneath drawing.

 Damn, but it looked like him. Why’d Keith have to be right? Why Keith? Why? I sighed and set about inking it. Sure I would mess it up somehow. But I got smart and ran off a couple of copies of the penciling just in case. Because I’m a cheat- smart like that. However, my inking went fine.

I got more and more upset as the drawing formed under my hand. Damn but it looked good. How was I supposed to show Keith that he was wrong, if he turned out to be right? I hate being wrong. But more, I hate when Keith is right. I kid Keith, I kid. 😀 I inked in the Superman symbol and fussed with the sleeves a bit. Keith wanted a Superman shirt drawing and it looked fine, but it needed some color. Keith loves big, bright, bold colors. He also loves sparkles. Which just makes Keith one of the most awesome people I know. Keith is one of the few people who really geeks out with me. He is also probably the only person who calls me up on the phone after watching an episode of Fringe to discuss something that Feauxlivia did or what I thought Walternate meant when he did such and such. Keith’s geekiness (well, really he’s a big dork) is something I appreciate about him, so I wanted to accommodate his propensity to liking bright colors. I pulled out my sparkle glue pens and went to work.

The Superman symbol itself turned out great. I had to go and re-ink some spots. But I was pleased. Mad at Keith. But pleased.I wasn’t sure what to do with the T-shirt itself. I knew I wanted some blue on the piece to make it look really Supermany (ok, I know. That is not a word). So I was happy to have an extra copy lying around and I fussed with the blue glitter pen. I went a little overboard on the shirt shadowing and the drawing began to look a bit messy but eventually I figured out what I wanted and set about doing that to the original piece. I was extremely happy with the result. In fact, I forgave Keith for being right. And myself, for being wrong. 😉

Bad blue pen, bad, bad.

Superman symbol close up

I ended up with a geeky drawing project I was pleased with, and a piece of artwork for Keith’s birthday. I glued it to a piece of stiffer paper, and put it in a black frame. I didn’t get a picture of it framed, but maybe someday I will and I’ll edit this posting. Until Then. Enjoy the finished (sorta) project below.

Yay! I deed-it!


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