Television Review: Warehouse 13, “Stand”

“Stand” is the second part to Season 3’s two-part finale. The episode does not let up and goes from one incredible scene to the next. Everyone gets their shining moment and it ends with the biggest cliff hanger I’ve seen this season. It reminds me of how Supernatural ended a season a couple of years back. You are left wondering what the hell just happened and what can they possibly bring back next season to top it. It was fantastic.

Myka asks Claudia to hack into the computer. They need to find Sykes. Pete thinks Myka is being harsh, what with Jinks, in the room and all, dead. Myka explains that if she doesn’t stay all business as usual she will lose it! Pete assesses the situation and kneels next to Claudia, He promises to remain with Jinks while she hacks into the computer. Claudia taps a few keys and the hacker has set up a Hard Drive Nuclear Bomb. She walks away, it was all for nothing. Myka wonders why they wanted H.G.

H.G. gets her two selves put back together with the coin. Sykes uses the whip on her and tells her he needs to open a lock. Flashback to when H.G. first started working at Warehouse 12 and a guy with glasses is her Artie. He tells her that all they do is solve puzzles and drink tea. So much fun learning to do!

Meanwhile Mrs. F is talking about how it doesn’t get easier to loose an agent. Artie is upset because Jinks was his responsibility and he didn’t know about his undercover work. Mrs. F gets all “We Are the Champions” and says that the Warehouse has always endured. Artie sneaks around and takes out an artifact having to do with McPhearson. Claudia keeps leaving the room when either Artie or Mrs. F talks. She is royally pissed. The gang discovers that they injected Jinks with a drug to make it look like he had a heart attack. Growing through his stuff Pete finds a lighter, but Claudia knows he didn’t smoke and realizes it is a USB flash drive. It’s a good-bye message from Jinks who says that Syckes has an end game, but he doesn’t know it. Tells them that Sykes made travel arrangements to Hong Kong, Marcus freaks out over a box, and he tells Claudia to keep the faith.

Jane arrives and talks about a agent reagent sanctum which has something to do with Warehouse 7. Myka looks at a map and discovers that roads converge to make a symbol of an eye. Pete and Myka head off to Hong Kong. Jane has a heart to heart with Claudia who tells Jane off. In Hong Kong Pete gets a vibe in a restaurant and it isn’t his stomach growling. They go into a back area and Myka finds H.G.’s locket. A clue from H.G. which leads Pete and Myka to a secret door, behind which is H.G. with a gun trained on the hack sitting at a chessboard with an axe above his head. Winning the game means opening the door, loosing it means the hacker dies. A puzzle left by Glasses Dude (H.G.’s Artie from Warehouse 12). H.G. looses the game and the hacker looses his brains.

Screen Still from Warehouse 13

Leena hears something and finds a window open. Marcusis behind her. She grabs a device and sets off an alarm in the Warehouse. Myka is now in the hot seat. Pete asks what is behind the locked door, H.G. says an artifact meant to be hidden. H.G. doesn’t know how to win, she played the game against Glasses Dude every day and never won. Flashback where H.G. refuses to carry a gun in spite of regulations, Glasses Dude came up with tesla to stun people. Change the game he says, if you don’t like the rules. H.G. uses this logic to check mate and saves Myka. Sykes calls Marcus and tells him to do it. Marcus unloads a cannon, an artifact, shoots it towards the Warehouse. Jane’s cuff glows and sets up a force field around the Warehouse, nothing can get in, nothing can get out. Jane gets a vibe. I know she’s Pete’s mom, but I dislike her character and hope they kill her off. Ugh. She so self-righteous and false humility that she makes my skin crawl. But that’s just me.

There is a cave in around Pete and Myka in Hong Kong. A door opens into Warehouse 13. They go through and Pete has a gun. Myka and H.G. are stunned. It is an emergency portal which was unlocked on both sides. Sykes has been trying to get back his bracelet. The portal closes with Pete and Sykes on the Warehouse side and H.G. and Myka in Hong Kong. Myka tells H.G. she needs to figure out a way to re-open the portal. Jane tries to reason with Sykes.

Marcus is about to inject Leena when Mrs. F shows up. She has an artifact, a metronome that is keeping Marcus’ heart beating even though it had three bullets in it from when he was originally killed. She stops the metronome and Marcus truly dies. The artifact was how Sykes was keeping Marcus alive and controlling him.

Sykes gets the bracelet and puts it on, he is able to stand (even though in all likelihood the legs he would have at this point in his life would not support him). He makes Pete put a gun to his head (Pete’s head) as Sykes wants to ruin Jane’s life. Myka shoots the tesla at Sykes. Apparently H.G. figured out how to get them through the portal. A artifact robe catches her and H.G. together and Sykes gets up and goes after Jane. Jane goes back through portal Sykes hot on her heels until Pete closes the portal on him and he dies. The bracelet comes off and Jane grabs it, oh dear she has touched it. She goes to get on a plane.

Screen Still from Warehouse 13

Pete thanks H.G. and hugs her. Aww. Artie realizes that the force field is still active because the Warehouse is still in danger. Sykes left a bomb behind. A House of Commons brick that has a concussive force. It’s a nuclear device on a count down. They rush it to the quarantine room and put it in the purple goo. But it doesn’t work. H.G. checks out something else as the gang gets freaked out about imminent death. Claudia and Mrs. F are unaware of what is happening and fight over the metronome, she wants to use it on Jinks. H.G. diverts the force field and puts a small bubble of it around Pete, Myka, and Artie. She rerouted an anomaly in the system, but it had to be created from the outside. It will protect them from the blast. Myka and H.G. stare at each other. Major girl crushes going on there. The bomb goes off and sweeps through the entire Warehouse.

It Destroys the Warehouse!!! WTF?

Mrs. F dies as the Warehouse dies. WTF?

One spot remains, where Pete, Myka, and Artie were standing shielded from the blast. Pete is dismayed that Sykes plan all along was to destroy the Warehouse and he won. Artie smiles and shows them he has McPhearson’s watch. Hopefully this watch turns back time, but that is my only hope. If not, then there are several people dead I will be sad they are dead. And one or two reagents who I wouldn’t have been so upset if they were in the blast. This makes me wonder, is there really going to be a show on H.G. Wells if she’s gone? Though if the show is about when she was an agent pre-bronzed, then it wouldn’t matter if she died in the present time line. UGH.

A great two-part episode which literally ends on a bang and one of the biggest cliff hangers of the summer season!!! I love this show.


5 thoughts on “Television Review: Warehouse 13, “Stand”

  1. Great review! I have been watching The Dead Zone on Netflix with Anthony Michael Hall and found out he played Sykes. So, as I had forgotten how the finale ended I went searchlng and found your review. I watch the Warehouse, Eureka and Haven. ALL GREAT SHOWS ON SYFY. Sad that this is the last year for Eureka. I hope the other two stick around for awhile. Thanks for posting. I’ll bookmarks your site.

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