Television Review: Fringe Friday: Subject 9-er Bring Back Peter

Subject 9-er bring back Peter, please? Fringe episode “Subject 9” delved further into the back ground of the characters in the new time line without Peter. It deals with astral projection, timey wimey hiccups, and energy spots that burn Olivia. Walter makes a step forward in his life and we see Olivia and Walter work a case together almost exclusively and the show really explores that relationship. What results is a heart warming episode that reveals more back story but stands still as far as the story arc goes. Its not a bad episode, it is just kinda meh. Interesting, intriguing information is doled out in 45 minutes that really didn’t need to take so long. I’m hoping next week takes off again. ::crossesfingers::

Olivia is lying in bed when her alarms goes off and she wakes up with a start realizing that there is an energy field nearing her. She scrambles out of bed and it disappears. The alarm goes off, and this time for real. It is 6 a.m. and it seems the energy field was just a dream maybe? But then Olivia discovers that there is stuff on the floor apparently brought there by the energy field. So not a dream. Premonition maybe?

Walter is experimenting in the lab, he seems even more out of it than normal. He is trying to find a way to capture the apparition that has been following him and Olivia around. But he thinks the apparition is out of phase with the universe, but only appears in a specific angle in the universe, so he is using many cameras to try and capture it. Olivia tells Walter and Astrid about the incident that happened to her and shows them she got burnt by the energy field. It reminds her of the experiments Walter did when she was a child and she set fire to a room.

Walter sees an envelope in her desk and peeks, he sees that she is deciding to send him back to the hospital or not. Astrid goes to Olivia’s to take a reading of the atmosphere. There is feedback in Walter’s monitor, and he sees the energy appear before it does. Not a premonition if the monitor captures it. Hmm. Walter says he has seen this before, and thinks it might have something to do with one of the kids who was a part of his experiments. That kid has the ability to astral project. And cause the metal objects around him to move. Olivia wants to reach out to him, but Walter is unsure because some of the kids weren’t able to handle the experiments as well as Olivia. He was Subject 9.

Olivia goes to Nina at Massive Dynamics and gets the file. There is a lot of animosity between Nina and Walter, not sure what that is about, has something to do with the new time line I guess. Walter decides to leave the lab with Olivia and he goes to help track down Subject 9. He has a bit of a melt down in the hotel room and reminisces about William Bell (Belly as Walter calls him).  Subject 9 is not at his apartment so Olivia and Walter go out for root beer floats and have a sweet moment as they talk about their relationship. Walter is upset that Olivia might put him back in the hospital and Olivia realizes that is why he left the lab. The energy appears again and once again is attracted to Olivia. She shoots out the diner window to get away from it, and it disappears.

Walter points out that back when the experiments were going on the astral projection only lasted 24 hours, and the effects only as long. Walter wonders if the side effects may be inadvertent. Olivia goes to Subject 9’s apartment, he is now know as Cameron James. Cameron James is known as Mark Little. He says that he hasn’t been able to astral project since he was seven, but he still has the side effects. His dad put Cameron James down as Mark’s name so that when the trust fund was handed over, his dad took all the money and spent it on drugs. So Cameron went through all the experiments for nothing, he didn’t even retain his special powers. The energy appears and Mark yells and the energy disappears.

Root Beer Floats!
Screen Still from Fringe

Walter comes up with the ideal to neutralize the electric magnetic charge of the energy field. Mark, Olivia, and Walter head to a power grid. Walter thinks that if Mark focuses his emotions and combines them with the electricity from the power plant then he can neutralize the energy field. Mark and Olivia have a small moment where he wonders if she had any side effects from the experiments. She says she did not. Come to find out Olivia ran away from the experiments and it was disbanded soon after. Mark says that Walter became unhappy with the experiments. Mark wonders if Olivia is bringing the energy field to herself. It happens again and Olivia claims it is not her fault.

The energy begins to shape into an image. Mark sets up to neutralize it, but Olivia yells at him to stop. The energy forms into a clearer image, it’s Peter. The energy disperses again and Peter pops up in a lake. Olivia explains she had a feeling about the energy that it resembled the man from her dreams and though neutralizing it was a bad idea. Walter pointed out that her behavior was irrational. he wonders why when he does irrational things people think he’s crazy. “Crazy is a lot more complicated than people think.” He right points out. People think that I am weird, but I like to point out I’m merely reacting to the weird things around me. So, I understand poor Walter’s problem here.

Broyles calls Olivia and explains that there is a man in a hospital in upstate New York who claims to know everyone with Fringe and has classified information. Broyles and Olivia go to the hospital and Peter is asking for Olivia. Walter meanwhile finds Olivia’s evaluation in her pocket and she has decided that he does not need to go back to the hospital. Olivia goes into Peter’s room. Peter (with a special TV hospital gown, hello? Where is Peter’s awesome ass?) turns to Olivia and says “Thank god you are here!” Olivia looks puzzled, who are you? She queries.

Peter with special hospital gown
Screen Still from Fringe

Poor Peter, he’s going to be the only one with memories of the alternate time line. (Like five of the characters on Eureka!) I’m actually really excited they finally brought Peter back. But I feel that episode was kind of long to do that. Coulda happened half-way through and then they could have dealt with Peter coming back without waiting for yet another episode to air with it. So, overall OK episode, but I think the story could have happened in a quicker time frame and that Peter could have been brought back sooner.

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