Borrowers in Anime

The Borrowers will come to the small screen as anime characters. I think this is actually pretty cool. I read all the books about The Borrowers, as series which is distinct from the one about The Littles – who had tails. True both series involved tiny people living in the walls of house, but one family had tails and one did not. If memory serves me correctly, The Borrowers series was well written chapter books and won awards. The Littles series was fun and kid friendly and all I remember from it was the joke, “Mississippi is a long word, how do you spell it.” And then you go, hahahaha, no spell “IT.” But, in all fairness, I know how to spell Mississippi now. The Borrowers had a larger story arc and I thought a fascinating and mysterious ending.  There have been adaptations of both series for television and film, and I’m excited to see anime being used as a medium to continue delighting audiences with this fabulous story. Now, who has heard of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, because exactly nobody but myself seems have have read these books growing up. Which is a shame.  [via Topless Robot]

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