Halloween 2011

I had an excellent Halloween. I carved a wonderful pumpkin and I went trick or treating for the first time. I decided to do a Doctor Who theme pumpkin carving, and after acquiring the necessary accessories (pumpkin and carving kit) I used this stencil to create the look I wanted.

Image carved, but not lit.

I was pleased with how it turned out, especially as the pumpkin was large and fresh and had an extremely thick shell and meat (pumpkin meat that is) to cut out. My friend ended up free handing a smirk, which unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of.

The Doctor lit up

Then Sunday I joined a “parrot” friend and her two year old “pirate” and “wolf” husband to walk in the rain up and down the block looking for candy from kindly neighbors. I never got to go trick or treating as a child (that I can remember), my parents believed Halloween to be an un-Christian holiday. As the years passed we ended up going to church “Harvest Parties”, so I did get to dress up and get candy. However, walking door to door for treats was a new experience. The rain dampened the fun a bit, so we ended up at a local restaurant.

Scary doctor

I was dressed as a Tiger. Or Scary Cat as the “Pirate” named me. At the restaurant I talked with a really friendly four year old “Raggedy Anne.” I asked her what she thought I was, I figured she would call me a cat. But she aptly guessed I was a tiger. So that was cool. She proceeded to show me the loot in her pumpkin bag, a “wand” someone had made for her, and was mightily interested in the “Pirate’s” foam sword. I guess I wasn’t too scary of a cat because “Raggedy Anne” kept talking with me until her family left. I thought it was very cute. For some reason kids will literally follow me around and engage me in conversation though it is the first time I’ve met them. Even with a “Scary Cat” face.

Scary Cat or not? I do have “fangs”


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