Things to Think About

Generally I keep my postings light and fluffy. Like the previous posting with a plush kitty. But I do run across the occasional great article about problems in the Geek culture that I would like to share. I’m putting them all in one posting so you can take your dose of medicine real quick, or skip over it if you want. But these articles  make excellent points and are worth pondering.

Geeks get eating disorders too, read about one geek girls story here.

I stumbled across a geek girl website with interesting articles. Check out Geekalitarian. She has some interesting and thoughtful commentary on popular geek culture.

Why are we supposed to read certain books growing up? To make us understand human nature I guess. But a lot of times the most terrifying aspects of books are never talked about. Like Anne Frank’s lesbian experience or how to deal with periods. Read this interesting article on The Mary Sue.


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