Television Review: Fringe Friday: Wallflower Paper Fades

“Wallflower” is the story about people mysteriously turning into albino’s upon their deaths. Olivia and Agent Lee investigate, while the Peter storyline takes a back seat in this episode. A back seat to the main monster of the week, but it packs a powerful punch nonetheless. More Massive Dynamic secrets are revealed and this season is really shaping up to be the best one yet. The formula for this show doesn’t change, but the complex characters with the ability to show real emotions means that the show is never boring. I so ❤ this show!

Olivia has major headaches and so she gets a prescription filled. Um. OK. This is important why? She walks home from the pharmacy and sees Agent Lee at a diner. She smiles and walks in to sit with him. They have a cute little conversation about basic truths and how Agent Lee is unable to sleep well at night after seeing all the Fringe events. … But… But… this universe’s Olivia is supposed to fall for Peter! Ugh, will they never give us a happy Peter and Olivia story? What am I saying? Of course not, this is television. Peter has company himself, an FBI agent follows him around and wont let him interact with civilians. Peter says, I’ve been working Fringe events for 3 years, never thought I’d be one.

A man in an alley feels he is being followed, but he can’t see anything. Then just as he puts his key into his door, he’s attacked and killed. When the police arrive the attacker is still there, but they can’t see the attacker either. The man on the floor is now ghostly white. So, what we have here is a Pigmentation Vampire. Merr? The gang arrives on the scene and questions the police officers. Walter wonders if the man was scared to death. Aster says that’s an old wives tale. Walter goes, you are very unimaginative. You must have been a boring child. Aster goes, I’m ignoring that. Way to go Aster! Standing up for yourself, finally. Olivia asks Aster how she deals with working for Fringe, Aster says she sees the agency shrink. Olivia wonders if something is wrong with her, why she isn’t fazed by all they see. Agent Lee finds evidence the invisible Pigmentation Vampire can bleed, so not a ghost.

Pigmentationless Dead Guy

A man emerges from a murky bath in a basement full of contraptions and stuff. This doesn’t sound familiar at all. Note the sarcasm. The crew on Fringe must have a fun time seeing who can come up with the most complicated looking contraption for the monster of the week. The man from the murky bath gets dressed and gets on the elevator. But neither the woman nor the next man who get on the elevator notices him and when they get off the elevator his pigmentation fades, he has a case of the Buffys. You know. That episode where the girl goes invisible because nobody pays attention to her. Then she goes homicidal…. uhhh. Don’t worry Fringe writers I wont tell anyone you are Whedonites! Later that night the invisible man follows the elevator woman into her home and creeps her out. Creepy invisible Pigmentation Vampire. ::Shudder:: This doesn’t remind me of a 270 year old vampire entering the bedroom of a 19 year old girl at all. Nope, not a bit.

The team discovers that there are more victims of the Pigmentation Vampire in whatever database they looked in. Each dead person has some weird mucus substance on them. Which helps the invisible Pigmentation Vampire take their pigmentation. He translocates the image onto his cells. Apparently as a baby he was diagnosed with a genetic variant, that was never fully understood. The light hurt his skin. The nurse thought he was dead. But he was abducted by Massive Dynamic and genetic experimentation was done to help him be able to survive. But they make him invisible. Then there was a fire of the facilities he was kept at and everyone thought he was dead.

Olivia gets another migraine. Agent Lee brings Peter his stuff, and Peter thanks him for treating him like a human being. Agent Lee talks about Olivia, and then realizes this might be painful for Peter. Aww, Agent Lee is crushing on Olivia. Wait. Noo. Wait. Why is this cute and sweet? I shouldn’t be liking this development. But then again, as Peter points out, this is not his Olivia. This is Alternate Time Line Olivia. Walter discovers that the stealing of pigmentation is reversing the steps taken to save the invisible man’s life and so each time he takes on pigment he hurts himself. Walter also discovers that the way to find him is through ultraviolet light.

The invisible Pigmentation Vampire  has bitten again, and killed another person. So the team locks the building down and it is suddenly dark outside. The team gets the buildings lights shut off and they go in with ultraviolet lights to hunt him down. The team splits up and Olivia goes off on her own. ::palmface:: Really? I wonder if for some reason the invisible dude is going to find her or something. What? She falls through the floor and the only person to see her falling is the invisible Pigmentation Vampire? No, how unexpected! Sigh. He does help her up and then takes her gun from her. Say what? And he’s naked. Say what? Olivia tries to appeal to his sense of decency (double entendre there ;)) and then appeals to his sense of survival that he is killing himself as he kills other people.

The invisible Pigmentation Vampire (aka Eugene for U(nknown)-Gene, get it?) says that she is just trying to get him to turn himself into the military. That she does not really wanting to help him. Olivia assures him she just wants to help him, she knows this man who is a genius in his lab. Pigmentation Vampire gets more agitated. I lived my life in a lab, and I’m not going back. He tells her. Queue obligatory Fringe chase scene. He escapes and walks out the building after apparently killing one more time and becoming visible. He’s on the elevator with the woman again and she speaks with him. She says that she noticed him every day and wondered if he was sick as to why he hadn’t been on the elevator sooner. He introduces himself and she gets off. Man tears mastered manfully and then he dies.

Happy Ending? I think it is. He finally was noticed which is all he ever wanted from life, and he’s dead so he can’t kill any more people. I have mixed feelings about him. I mean don’t we all go through life feeling somewhat invisible? Stuck in our own self contained universes it’s hard to understand that someone can only see us from their universe and can never really exist inside our universe. I mean no one wants to get inside my head, that’s for sure. (Side note, I talk in a lot of random non sequitur which my best friend is adept at keeping up with. However, one time she was unable to connect the dots and asked me to explain. When I finished explaining how I got from Point P to Point A to Point W she looked at me and said, “Never do that again.”) But to my earlier point, just because we feel lonely and invisible we don’t go around killing other people.  At least I don’t. So, boo hoo you are and invisible rat in a cage, yes your life sucks. The answer is not to kill other people.

Luckily the scene changes quickly to something more interesting because ugh, really. Olivia wonders if she too is unable to be normal after experiments were done on her. Maybe her emotions have been stunted. Queue Peter and his love for Olivia who helped her thaw out and get in touch with her hidden emotions? Nope.

Nina tells her that life is an experiment. Soooo no one is normal? Ok, that I’ll buy. Personally, I don’t think there is anything much “normal” in this world. Just a lot of stupid “standards.” Peter gets Agent Lee something, presumably to help him woo Olivia? Peter then heads off into the lab to get himself back to his Olivia. I feel they are rather glossing over Peter’s emotional state. Really he’s this heroically stoic? Peter got Agent Lee glasses. Um. OK. They make him look like Agent Lee from the alternate time line. What that means exactly, I’m not sure. How would he know about AlternateLee loving Fauxlivia? Anyway, Olivia tells Agent Lee that maybe she’ll see him at the diner, wink, coyness. Ugh. Too Cute. Why am I liking this? I hate myself sometimes. I fall for the love story gimmick every time. WTF.

Agent Lee is a Hottie

But, Olivia never makes it to the diner, smoke fills her apartment, she passes out, and some dudes come in and give her an injection on the orders of Nina. Oooh. BAD NINA! Can’t decide if I’m angry or excited. That’s gonna give her a headache, says the douchebag injecting her.

Dun Dun Dunnn. I so did not expect the big thing for this episode would end up being about Olivia’s headaches! Totally caught me off guard there. Which is what I love about this show. It may be formulaic but it never fails to surprise.


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