Little Links

Here are some cool links and discoveries that aren’t quite enough for their own posting. Enjoy all the goodies!

I discovered a quirky little blog of short stories in the supernatural vein including books of demons and zombies. The author, Deidra Alexander, has a refreshingly witty voice. Her blog posts are full of fun, family, and humor. Check her out!

This fun looking pirate game, Ghost Pirates, needs some crowd sourcing to help it get made. Check it out here. For $10 or more it’s yours, if the game is funded, and it is nearly there. [via io9]

Speaking of games, check out this vertical game of chess at Geekosystem. The internets are acting wonky I can pull up an image and save it to save my life. But you don’t have to imagine, just go to the Geekosystem link and if your internet isn’t acting wonky you’ll see the awesomeness of the vertical chess set.

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