Movie Review: Super 8

Super 8 came out on DVD last week, so my Thanksgiving Weekend on the Couch which consisted of a lot of Parenthood (maybe I watched all two season on Netflix streaming in 2 1/2 days), brunch at a fabulous relatively new cafe in the neighborhood (shout out to The Growling Rabbit), knitting, and included renting Super 8 from Redbox. I’m knitting these adorable ducky patterned slippers for my nieces (shhh, it’s a secret). The pattern is very versatile and I want to make some dragon feet, if I do, definitely will post pictures. So, I sat there watching Super 8 and knitting, it was fabulous.

Super 8 is the story of a boy who is struggling to deal with a major loss in his life. His father is very uninterested in his life except for yelling at him about hanging out with his friends and making movies. Like all good coming of age stories he disobeys his father and heads out to the hills to film a scene for the movie he and his friends are making on Super 8 mm film, hence the name of the movie. While filming scenes for the short film, a train wreck happens literally in front of them and they are told in no uncertain terms to that they are not to let anyone know what they have seen. Suddenly these film loving teenagers are embroiled in a government conspiracy to keep a secret under wraps. The boys father is a down deputy and as he gets more involved in the investigation he gets more involved in his son’s life.

Super 8 is a feel good movie with a throw back to The Goonies and E.T.   Unfortunately there is nothing that makes this movie stand out. The most intriguing part of this movie was the budding relationship between Joe and Alice (played to perfection by Elle Fanning, sister of Dakota Fanning). Which is sweet, but does not a classic make. The government conspiracy takes a back burner to relationships and personal drama. Personally I think if that part of the story had been a little more fleshed out and the focus of the movie, we would have had another Iron Giant-like great movie on our hands. As it stands, Super 8 is a super sweet movie, but not a super great one.

Recommended for rainy afternoons spent knitting or if nostalgia for your childhood. I did like a lot of the throw backs to the era that popped up, so that was cool. I also enjoyed that the short film the kids were filming throughout the movie was actually played during the credits. That was way cool. A decent film with decent acting, and very enjoyable entertainment.  Read another review here and here.

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