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Doctor Who and Monsters Inc. Mash-up. OMG. OMG. I LURVE this to the tenth doctor degree.

Harry Potter and Doctor Who Mash-up

Nodds & Nends: Shelock Holmes, Fables, and Reading Rainbow

Here is a conglamoration of lovely links for your clicking pleasure.

First up is a link to io9‘s collection of new Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows clips.

There has been a lot of nerd hate on the wonderful television show Once Upon a Time saying that it is a ripoff of the comic books Fables. Read Fables author, Bill Willingham’s Q & A session with himself on why he disagrees with that sentiment and why he actually encourages his readers to watch Once Upon a Time.

I did a bit on a Kickstarter project Geek a Week 2.0 a long time ago. Well, Think Geek has the cards the illustrator created for sale.

One of my favorite articles I read recently about Reading Rainbow. Remember that show, how awesome it was, how nerdy it was! Le Sigh. reading Topless Robot posted a list called the 8 nerdiest Reading Rainbow Episodes, and the list is grand.

It made me nostalgia so I went about searching the internets and discovered this awesome cake. Also, I really really want a reading party!!

The Redline

So, Chicago is known for its crazies, especially on the “el” and especially on the Redline. When I saw this picture on Fashionably Geek I instantly recognized the train car as being an “el” car and thought, ‘Typical Tuesday.’