Television Review: Holiday Specials


In a word AWESOME! I laughed the entire episode, no literally I laughed through the whole show. It of course it outside the continuity of the regular season so that was disconcerting until I settled down to just enjoy the show. Basically a reactor of some sort reacts with a battery of some kind and wah lah the gang is transformed!! Into cartoons. OMG. It was amazing, the effects were fabulous. I think the actors all did a decent job as voice actors, some better than others. But the guest appearance of Jim Parsons was by far my favorite bit. Simply a delight. If you haven’t checked out EUReKA yet this episode totally shows the feel and vibe of the show without giving away any of the story line, so watch it and decide if you want to go back through and watch the entire show.

Warehouse 13:

In this episode Pete touches an artifact, bad Pete, and gets to see what life would be like if he had never existed, ala It’s a Wonderful Life. The episode was very Pete-centric, which I had absolutely no problem with. I love seeing alternate versions of reality if certain decisions had not been made the first go around, so I totally loved this episode. The cast is back in fine form with many giggles and spreading holiday cheer. Watching both EUReKA and Warehouse 13 made for an evening of fun fun fun!


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