Articulate Articles

I found a lovely article on Social Justice League about learning to love something but still acknowledge it has faults. Like I love Whedon’s television shows and movies but my god there are some major faults with some of the universes he creates, the people he kills off, and the problems that arise from the grave. People have differing opinions about shows, and this is OK. But…

If you badger others to see what you see in something when they are telling you  it’s not enjoyable for them, you’re being an entitled jerk. You’re showing yourself to be willing to hurt a real person over a television show.


Another interesting article I stumbled across was an article on entertainment and feminism. Liana on Nerd Girl Pinups makes a lot of interesting observations and strong arguments. For years I have gone around saying, “I’m not nice. I’m fair.” Apparently I was ahead of the curve.

The rise of the beta male thanks to feminism gives men more leeway than ever to be complete and utter screw ups and still make good. Women are not given the same social examples: our media counterparts are either perfected caregivers or love interests, or they are locked in a state of perpetual neurosis regarding men, career, or body image.


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