Nodds & Nends: Doctor Who Calendeers, NYC Comic Con, and the Expression, “Great Scott!”

Here are some cool things I ran across this week.

Did you know you can reuse your Doctor Who calenders? Now, I need a TARDIS so I can travel back in time get an old Doctor Who calender and reuse it in the future.

Discover the history and legends behind the expression, “Great Scott!” I tend to use HOLY CATS! A lot. A phrase I picked up from my father, a man who walked around for days saying, “Live in the Nouw.” One day a friend and I were shopping and she showed me the price of something while saying, “Don’t say Holy Cats.” Just as I saw the price and said, “HOLY CATS!” I embarrass my friends a lot. I’d apologize, but I’ll just do it again. On purpose.

My mother went to a comic convention in NYC recently and posted some pictures on her blog. How is it that my mother got to a comic con before I did? Mostly because she likes to read comics, she is a huge Wolverine fan and has Wonder Woman art. But also because she is super cool and got excited when I sent her a robot tea infuser for her birthday.

Apparently Daniel Day-Lewis is playing Abraham Lincoln in the not too far future. Of course if the world ends in 2012 not only will I be buying shotguns and kicking people’s asses who don’t know that you walk up the left side of an elevator and stand on the right!, but we all will be crying mighty tears that we didn’t get to see this awesome movie.

There was a big geeky controversy over yet another gender stereotype gone awry, when some comic chick named Starfire got more sexified. I have to be honest one of the reasons I stay away from mainstream comics is the lack of originality in portraying women. So I didn’t get involved in the whole back and forth about yet another gross gender disparity ridiculousness debate. But I came across the following links thinking I might write a post about the whole shebang. Yah, no. I’ve better things to fight about. Like, pushing people out of my way who stand on the left side of an escalator. But if you want to see a couple of links about how other people responded, check out this one, this one, and this one.

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