Keep Your Shirt On

I found a few interesting articles last week about functional female clothing when fighting. Basically, keep your shirt on. Unless you are Jason Statham. ‘Cause damn. Every time he gets ready to fight in a scene I yell at the TV, “Take your shirt off!” And you know? He mostly obliges. In all seriousness, while Jason Statham chooses to take his ripped to shreds shirt off his ripped abs and actually uses said shirt in a fight, Wonder Woman’s costume seems it would do her more harm than good if she were to get in a drag out dirty fight with a villain that didn’t mind a pair of boobs appearing. Check out Aaron Diaz’s (Dresden Codak) illustration of why Wonder Woman’s costume is problematic in a fight. Also read this great article on functional female armor, from someone who makes female armor. [via PinIt]

"I confuse you! With my shirt... and my abs!"


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