Nodds & Nends: Love Letter, Vampires, and Doctor Who

Read a love letter to Doctor Who that is full of swearing. Though I have a minor disagreement with Topless Robot commenter, in that I really hope that Amy gets an on screen death. I think it is the only redemption for her character which has become kind of whiny and non-existent. Or bring back hard ass older Amy or something, give the girl something more than being a kiss-0-gram. Sheesh.

An article on vampires of the non-sparkly variety. I love vampires of all varieties, but it is fun to be reminded of some older versions that existed before Stephanie Meyers became popular.

I may need to become a gamer and move to the U.K. so I can play Doctor Who on the playstation. Or maybe just get the computer game that is about to come out.

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