Book Review: Devil’s Business

I read this book maybe a month ago and just have not sat down to do a proper review of it. Devil’s Business is the fourth book by Caitlin Kittredge in her Black London series. The Series follows Jack and Pete (short for Petunia) as they battle the demons and evil spirits of the underworld in London. I’ve done previous review of the first three books here.

One reason that I haven’t yet written my review of Devil’s Business is that I was not all that impressed and frankly if there are any more books in the series I have serious doubts I would read it. I read a lot of urban fantasy and in this series, including Devil’s Business, nothing stands out from other books in this genre. Once again Pete and Jack are having major issues with their relationship, both of them are being stubborn assholes. The only new thing is that this particular story takes place in the States. I did enjoy Kittredge’s development of her universe and storyline and I could see a great deal of potential in where she wanted to go with the book. It was sadly, unrealized, and Pete and Jack’s character flaws grew like a big black ink stain and covered up any potential with their voluminous hate filled words for each other and the world they have found themselves in.  An issue I had with the first three books was Kittredge’s liberal use of the C word as denoting any time of evil person or action without balancing it out by using using slang references to male anatomy, and that lack of balance plays out in this book. Honestly, I’m just annoyed. If the story is good, then there is no need for shock value of using such ugly language.

I do not have a general problem with the use of crass language, I do have an issue with Kittredge using it as a crutch. I really think this series could be great, but it falls short and becomes just meh. If you have a lot of extra time on your hands and want some throw away escapism in the urban fantasy genre you wont hate this series. But, if like me, you work two jobs, try to keep a blog running, and have a super secret project you are working on while trying to get holiday presents ready then just skip it and check out Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series instead.

Read another review of Devil’s Business here and here.

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