Movie Review: Attack the Block

Attack the Block is the story of aliens landing in a specific part of London, England and some street savvy boys decide that they are going to defend “The Block.” In a non-surprising twist the nurse they mugged earlier follows them around, wielding a knife herself at points, as they successfully fend off the creatures from outer space. I’ve been telling people, “Think The Wire, with aliens.” Then people look at me like I’m an alien. Come to think of it, they may have been looking at me like that before I even opened my mouth.

Attack the Block

My boyfriend, who watched the movie with me even though he is not particularly fond of Sci/fi and only watched it because I said I think it looks like The Wire with aliens and he loves The Wire, said, “That was just ridiculous enough to be entertaining.” High praise from a man who often finds things ridiculous.  Including me. Which is not an insult, but rather apt description of yours truly. I named my blog Absurdly Nerdly after all, both acknowledging my quirky side and making up a word at the same time. I personally, really really really liked Attack the Block. Was it a bit ridiculous? Yes. But what sci/fi show or movie isn’t? I love sci/fi because it is ridiculous. And for a few moments I turn off my attorney brain and suspend my disbelief.

Disbelief Suspended

What I liked about the movie was that it had the perfect timing of all great mysteries. That, even though the clues have been dropped through out the movie, it isn’t until a second before the main characters figure it out that I figured it out. I had an inkling of what reason the aliens  might have for attacking The Block, but all the pieces of the puzzle did not come together for me right away. The character development was good, the cinematography was good, the story line was good. Overall, a good and entertaining movie.

The Wire with Aliens

This is not a movie you want to watch with my Dad. Mostly because he uncannily guesses the weirdest plot twists and is always, I do mean always right. I felt I let him down a little when I wasn’t able to guess the ending. But frankly it was fun for me to not know. And it is always fun for my Dad to guess and to ruin it for everyone else. Seriously. He has this evil little chuckle. That I inherited. Maybe that is why people look at me like I’m an alien. Thanks Dad.

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One thought on “Movie Review: Attack the Block

  1. This is Dad. How wonderful it is that you have inherited such a prophetic gift. I always thought that I as a movie watcher, my purpose was not only to enjoy a movie, but also to be smarter than the writer. It was my job to figure out the ending as quickly as possible.

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