Nodds & Nends: Snuggie Texts, Grief & IKEA, and Book Role Models

If you are part of my Facebook universe, I apologize because this first blog link I put up on Facebook yesterday. But seriously, this guy is so funny that I had to post his Snuggie Textpost again and share with even more people. Sit back, enjoy, and hide your face from co-workers as you laugh your head off until you cry.

Then I discovered this awesome comic about the five stages of grief and putting together IKEA furniture. So true. So sadly true.

I found the two links above via The Bloggess. Seriously, start reading her. She is awesome. I wish I was as clever, funny, and witty as she is. I like to think I’m that clever, then I read her postings and I’m like Damn, how am I only that funny in my head.

Read this wonderfully nerdy posting about the role models this woman discovered as she grew up. They include Pippi Longstocking and Harriet the Spy. Awesome role models. 😀

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