Nodds & Nends: Big Brothers, Letters of Note, and Les Mis

Sometimes I don’t hate people (up until the moment I get on public transportation). The internets exploded this week with the story of a retail worker who saw an older brother stand up his little brother against a father who wanted to “whoop” his son for buying a game with a girl as the main character and a purple controller.  Can we all get together and “whoop” the father? Just saying. [via]

I wholeheartedly agree with this letters of note… note. Keep your music to yourself neighbors! Quit playing your incessant keyboard music on the weekends. Or at least invest in some headphones. Ugh. And if you could just not sing I would appreciate that a lot!!!  Now I hate people again.

I’m not a Taylor Swift hater, by any means. I do like some of her songs, and in fact I want to be just like her when I grow up minus the blond hair. I love my red hair. She’s cool and classy. But I’m not sure I want to see her in Les Mes. Amanda Seyfried will be in it also, another blond. OK Hollywood we get the message. She has been trained as a classical opera singer or some such nonsense. Les Mis living up to its name?

4 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Big Brothers, Letters of Note, and Les Mis

  1. Yeah I would whoop the father. I play “a lot” of RPG’s and MMO’s and such, and most men don’t play male character, because they don’t want to stare at a mans ass on the screen. They play the sexy female characters, because they want to see a sexy ass on the screen. Some parents are just dumb.

  2. Good on the boy’s father for letting his son express himself. Kids get so many conflicting and forced messages about gender these days that they should be given the freedom to explore who they are.

    Re: the noise issue, I have an upstairs neighbour who gets on the phone at 11pm every night and *shrieks*. Actually shrieks! Oh my goodness, and his laugh. You’d think I was making it up. “Ah, yaaaah! Like naaaaah! Eeehehehehehee!” *dies*

    • I hope the father learns his lesson about acceptance. My downstairs neighbor wakes up every morning and honks, it literally sounds like someone blowing a trumpet. I have no idea how his body produces such a noise. On top of his constant keyboard playing, I’m waiting for the day he moves out. I have to turn up my TV most evenings just to hear it, and I wonder if it bothers my upstairs neighbor. ::Shrug:: But it is really my downstairs neighbors fault. LOL

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