Character Crush: Crichton

This winter I have watched a lot of television in the evenings because I’ve been working on knitting projects. One of the series I recently started watching on Netflix (it is no longer on television) is Farscape. Honestly, I’m glad I waited to watch this show until I could sit down and watch it episode after episode. Seriously, at the end of each season I scream at the television that the writers are awful people. Until I remember I can immediately watch the next episode (which usually only lessens my screaming by a bit). I had tried to watch this series in the past, but did not enjoy it all that much, and I realized that it is a series not easily understood unless watched from the beginning.

And now, I’m in love. With Crichton.

John Crichton is an astronaut from Earth who gets sucked into a worm hole and lands up in a different universe full of strange beings and aliens. He lands on a ship that is piloted by people escaping from prison and on the run. He joins the crew and adventures ensue. Crichton is a scientist, a man who tries to reason his way out of a situation instead of always resorting to violence. Yet, he respects his intuition. A dichotomy I enjoy. I also enjoy his extremely blue eyes. What can I say? I’m a sucker for baby blue eyes. And Crichton is the only man I can watch cry without going, Ew! Man Sobs!! (This may be because I’ve grown as a person, but I doubt that.)

I love it best when he smiles.

This is a really great show. I thought at first it was full of stereotypical caricatures of characters, but as the series develops (especially in the second season) the characters show more and more depth, it is quite lovely. Plus, the action never stops. The story line continues at a fast pace, wonderful and funny things happen, as well as sad and intense moments. The show is hilarious, Crichton makes a million pop culture jokes (think 90’s pop culture) that no one but the audience has the slightest clue what he is talking about. Yet, he goes on making them, because he can’t help himself, and because it reminds him of home. I have laughed, I have cried, and I have stood at the microwave at work sighing and thinking, ‘I just want to go home to Crichton.’

Crichton and Aeryn

The Thinker

2 thoughts on “Character Crush: Crichton

  1. Lol (very loud). Thank you, thank you for echoing my thoughts. What is it about John Crichton? firstly is is the most beautiful looking man in the universe – simple, no arguments will be heard……from that starting point we learn that he is a genius, a mathematician, he is full of integrity, compassion and innocence yet he’ll be a bad boy for a cause. He’s funny, oozing charisma, he loves the stars (I love the stars) … he’s athletic, he can be dangerous and when he kisses Aeryn – OMG, it just does me in- oh to be Aeryn…. There is nothing more attractive than seeing a guy completely, unashamably in love….. its so heroic. He’s, he’s …. too much! What were those cruel writers thinking when they created such a specimen? All other men pale in comparison….

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