Television Review: Doctor Who: Christmas Special (2011)

I totes forgot to do this review. Oops. Oh well. I few quick thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

In the Christmas Special (2011) the Doctor helps a family in war torn England during WWII and in the end they help him too. It is a quintessential Doctor Who episode. One that made me laugh uproariously in the beginning and one that made me weep happy tears as the story progressed. The Doctor is in crisis which he manages to get out of by putting an astronaut suit on backward. Don’t ask me how, it’s the Doctor. Anyway, he is helped by a lovely lady when he lands and he promises to repay in kind if she ever needs help. And boy does she. Her husband joins the war efforts as a pilot and his plane goes missing. On my birthday. Before I was born. In a universe that only exists in my mind, and a million others. She sends a wish off and then is determined to make it the best Christmas ever for her children. They head out to her uncles estate in the countryside where they will be free from the bombings and are met by The Curator (i.e. The Doctor). He has redone all the rooms in magical Doctor Who style (hence the laughing) and created a box full of magic by diverting power from the TARDIS to the box. But before it is done the little boy enters the box and bad things start happening.

It is a story full of magic, personal tragedy, triumph, warmth and belief that friends and family are what give meaning to life. This. This is why I love Doctor Who. The Doctor is brilliant in his failings, the mother is brilliant in her success and love, and in the end some wrongs are turned to right. I put off watching the show until I could not stand it any longer. The anticipation was delightful, and the wait well worth it. I waited as long as I could because I knew not another such episode would grace my screen for nearly a year. ::WAILOFMOANING:: It was a lovely Christmas special, my favorite of the Doctor Who Christmas specials, far better (I’m sorry to say (OK not really)) than any of Tennant’s. Matt Smith plays emotion, and change, and warmth, and coldness, and excitement, and tears, better than anyone. I think he truly understands the essence of the Doctor. A man more than a mad scientist, brilliant mind, and cool blue box. He is a man full of loneliness, hope, and the willingness to believe in what he has lost sight of.

Now I’m in love with the Doctor all over again. I seem to be having a number of character crushes lately.


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