Doctor Whooves and More

 Here is a gorgeous rendition of My Little Doctor Pony by koodorshnik on DeviantArt. I just love all the colors and the action in the illustration. via

The illustrator writes:

Twilight Sparkle and the entire pony gang have to help the exceptionally odd, brilliant, and wonderful Doctor, the soul survivor of the planet Gallopfrey, hunt down the alien entity that took over and corrupted the heart of Princess Luna. The same entity that transformed her into Nightmare Moon and fed off her raw natural magic powers while advancing its galactic ambitions as it had for eons through countless other victims. The Blue Countess of Andalusia, Emperor Cold Star of the Hoofiter Empire, Lord Buckrann of Stalliondura, and the list goes on…but now this evil entity has chosen its next victim to satiate its ever growing hunger and ambition. That victim is none other than Twilight Sparkle who cannot even begin to fathom what kind of raw magic power lies dormant inside of her. Can the love of her beloved friends and the help the brilliant Doctor be enough to save her from this cosmic menace?

Amy Pond in Batman kiss-o-gram! Every nerds dreams. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Doctor Whooves and More

  1. Sorry… is that a My Little Pony flying out of the TARDIS?? I hope the surround atmospheric bubble had been switched off. Would hate to think it had somehow survived the vast vacuum of space, even if it did hold its breath for 30 seconds.

    Anything with a rainbow tail is… just… not… right…

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