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Get Your Charity On

Today my best friend informed me that she was glad to be interrupted with work emails. 

Me: Yay! I guess?

Her: It’s good. I was starting to give to charity

Me: ….

Her: Although it’s a good charity. One of my favorite authors runs a huge fundraiser every so often. He gets fantasy and sci-fi authors to donate signed books and other cool things.

Me: Sweet. What charity is this? I can put it up on my blog

Her: Pat’s group is called Worldbuilders, and the charity is Heifer International.

Me: Just FYI, I know who Patrick Rothfuss is.

Her: I couldn’t remember. I thought you did.

Me: You always do that with him. It’s like you don’t want to share him. “My author.”

Her: Do I? Weird.

Me: Yes.This is like the third time we’ve had this conversation, maybe the fourth.  Every time you say, “So this author I like” or “I read this one author and… ” I think, “Oh its going to Patrick Rothfuss.” And it always is.

Patrick Rothfuss, a sci/fi writer, has put together a charity auction. He has gathered donations from other authors in to a lottery, every $10 dollars of donations means another chance to get your name drawn for one of these donations. The proceeds will be donated to Heifer International.

Heifer promotes education, sustainable agriculture, and local industry.

Go to World Builders 2011 Team Heifers and donate today (it’s the last day to donate for the auction) and they match 50% of your donation. Or buy The Tinker’s Packs and the proceeds will be sent to World Builders.

Give a kid a goat

Superhero Sleepover

Buy some lovely superhero jamas and have a pillow fight, to the death.

Not serious enough for you? Check out these Superhero vintage costumes. [via]

Feeling Feisty?

I think I should get these for the office. They show I have a killer attitude. . . You know, that I take my work seriously. Or something like that. Thanks to Sara H. for the tip, all of them are available for purchase on ThinkGeek.  [via here, here, and here]

Someone must have almost been caught stealing a late night snack

Come any closer to my desk and I shall stab thee, with a push pin

Office Ninja attack- Hi-yah