Television Review: Fringe: Making Snow Angels

In “Making Angels” Jasika Nicole who plays Astrid/AltAstrid (Walter’s assistant and data processeser respectively) is given a chance to show off her acting chomps. AltAstrid heads over to Our Universe (O.U.) from the Alternative Universe (A.U.) looking for something. The two Astrids have a wonderful connection that none of the alternatives have had with their counterparts in the O.U. Fauxlivia heads over after AltAstrid and gets involved in the latest mystery that Fringe investigates, people are dropping dead and bleeding from their eyes.

AltAstrid heads over the the O.U. after giving herself permission to crossover, she is after all the data processesser who decides who gets what clearance. And now she has used her security clearance to send her to the O.U. We don’t discover until the last bit of the show what she was really looking for. She hangs with Walter in his lab and their chemistry is wonderful. She makes Walter call her by her name, one problem that I have with Astrid is her inability to stand up to Walter. She is a bit of a pushover. Not AltAstrid. It is unclear, but AltAstrid seems to have some degree of Autism. Maybe her desire for literal understanding of the world drives her in this way, but it was nice to see Jasika Nicole not be bulldozed by Walter.

An Asian man talks to a stranger on a bench, and assures the stranger that his life will go horribly. Then the Asian man uses a box and blows something on the stranger. The bus rolls by and the stranger on the bench is dead. Is this an Asian Observer? Why is his head not shaved? Why are all the Asians on the show bad people? Is he a bad person? The Asian man keeps telling people how their lives will turn out and killing them. Olivia, Peter, and Fauxlivia are not far behind. They keep trying to find a connection, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

Peter figures out, before Walter, that the people are inhaling some sort of aerosol poison that kills the people. Walter is angry at Peter, for being so smart, and AltAstrid talks to Walter about why he is angry and sad over Peter. Walter explains that it is not his Peter and that makes him angry. AltAstrid asks, why does he not pretend that Peter is his son and be happy. She has a point. We begin to understand that AltAstrid appears to be looking for some sort of explanation about relationships with children and their fathers.

The crew discovers that the Asian man used to be a math professor. Apparently he has discovered the mathematical equation to predict the future. So he is not an Observer. Is he connected to them? It seems he has to be. The only way to come up with the compound for his poison is if he was told that it exists from someone who had seen the future, and so far only the Observers have that ability. He must have some connection to the Observers.  The Asian man goes and sees his mother, it is unclear with his good-bye whether he is going to kill her or himself. He rants about God and his purpose in the universe, saving people by killing them. Olivia and Peter arrive, and the Asian man commits suicide by cop. As a religious person if he had killed himself he would not be able to go to heaven. Later his mother is seen as dead, alone, on her couch. So maybe he really was there to kill her and took the only way out he saw in that moment. 

AltAstrid questions Astrid about her father. AltAstrid’s father was some sort of Evangelist that died with AltAstrid was young and seems to be having issues in the moment about her relationship with him. I didn’t catch whether or not it was the anniversary of his death. Astrid tells AltAstrid that she doesn’t have a good relationship with her still living father. That she moves forward in life and she hopes AltAstrid will too. AltAstrid seems to feel better after that little chat. Though it turns out that Astrid was lying. That she has a great relationship with her father, and goes home to him after a hard day that she can’t talk about because it is classified, he doesn’t pry but just gives her a great big old hug and it is very sweet.

The Dun Dun DUNNNNN moment of this episode is when two Observers appear in the Asian man’s apartment and take back the object that the Asian man was using to kill people. and Observer December learns that Observer September didn’t actually get rid of Peter. I guess they don’t realize that Peter was gone and now he is back. That still has not been fully explained. How did Walter and Olivia bring back Peter if neither of them feel anything for him except anger? Olivia did tell Peter that she thinks he is a good partner in the field. While both ‘Livia’s check out Peter,  Fauxlivia explains that while Peter is a good looking man she likes the uncomplicated Nice Guy. So neither of them has feelings for Peter and neither does Walter, what brought back Peter? I don’t think it is the Observer. 

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