TARDIS and the TSA

About to take a spring break trip or help your sister after her surgery? May I suggest making yourself an awesome TARDIS luggage as your carry on? At least as the TSA molests you or gives you radiation poisoning before selling naked pictures of you on the internets (not that this has personally happened to me, well the molesting has. But she was cute, so I didn’t mind too much. ;)) you know that you secretly have the greatest piece of luggage in the entire world.

But don’t forget to take off your jewelry as you come up to screening. Even though it shouldn’t set off the radiation device, the TSA agents will yell at you and it will make everyone else behind you grumble that you forgot to remove your necklace. So if you don’t want to get stabbed in the back and get blood on your awesome TARDIS luggage, make sure to take off your TARDIS necklace while standing in the 45 minute line. (Seriously, why do people wait until the last second to fumble with jewelry and belts?)

THE DOCTOR Police Call Box Necklace by lovespelljewels on Etsy, $12.99

When you finally make it exhausted to your hotel with your gaming system. Don’t forget to pull out your Sonic Screwdriver Wii remote and spend some time relaxing before the radiation poisoning takes effect.



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