Television Review: Fringe Friday: Welcome to [the Pulse of] Westfield

In “Welcome to Westfield” Fringe  begins with its best opening bit, maybe ever. Olivia and Peter in bed. Woo Hooo. Must be dream. But it is only a dream. Damnit. While Olivia has been dreaming, Peter and Walter are trying to figure out how to get the machine to respond to Peter so he can get back to his old time line. Olivia’s time at the lab is cut short when an airplane goes down near a town where the electricity in everything quits, even the cars stop moving forward. Probably some EMP (electromagnetic pulse) thingy. Turns out some electromagnetic charge is affecting the town and intermittently shutting down electronics. I watch too many of these types of shows. Peter and Walter show up at the scene. Woot! Walter in the field again! Walter wants some pie, so Olivia, Peter, and Walter head back to town, only to find out any attempt to leave lands them right back where they started.

Olivia tries to find a working phone because her cell is not getting any signal, but the public phone (wow, those still exist?) is also dead. Walter and Peter head into the diner to get some pie and while Peter is in the bathroom, the cook has a psychotic breakdown at Poor Walter. It appears the cook has some sort of D.I.D. or schizophrenia. The cook attacks Walter just as Peter finds a man bleeding to death in the back. Peter rushes out to save Walter, but the cook attacks Peter instead. Olivia shows up just in time with a gun and the cook is history. Peter takes Walter back to help the hurt man, but Walter rightly points out they need to head to a hospital. Olivia gets a car working and they head out-of-town, only to be heading right back in to town. Which is when they realize, that nobody ever leaves the town.

There is such a X-Files feel to this episode. Getting stuck in a weird town with no back up on the way. 

Walter does a blood transfusion with bleeding out dude because Walter is O- and then they interrogate bleeding out dude, aka Cliff Hayes (aka Special Agent Pacci from NCIS). Pacci explains that only some people are affected, that his daughter and wife are at the school with the other sane people, and nobody can leave. Walter, Olivia, and Peter take Pacci over to the school and get into the safe zone. Walter uses the chemistry lab of the school to do an examination of a woman who is going crazy. And has two tongues. I think. I mean there was something “two” about her and Walter looked in her mouth. I was looking at my knitting at the moment. But apparently the cook had two pupils which I also did not catch. So, my mind is not wanting to deal with the whole doubles thing.

No Pacci, I will not let you be killed by a transgender ex-navy person again!

Olivia has a moment in the chemistry lab and on her way into the school where she seems to remember things that did not happen to her, but happened to Peter’s Olivia. She thinks it is from reading his debriefing, but then she also gets dizzy so Walter checks her blood too. Walter comes up with a theory that DNA from the Alternate Universe (A.U.) is bleeding into Our Universe (O.U.) and as two things cannot exist in the same space it is going to implode. The EMP thing is probably from Jones trying to mess with the O.U. Oh, but nothing is wrong with Olivia’s blood. Did he forget to mention that? YES WALTER, YOU DID!!! Thanks for nearly giving me a heart attack.  The reason only some people are affected and not others, is because at life changing moments in the A.U. the dopplegangers chose to leave Westfield so there is no way for them to bleed over into the O.U. at that spot in the O.U. Peter and Olivia have a quiet moment where she asks about his Olivia, and he talks about how they would get pizza every Saturday night from a special place and eat it together and talk. This Olivia has never even been to the restaurant that is near her home. I find this hard to believe, but whatevs. Also, why does she care what Peter’s Olivia was like? Uber weird.

Peter realizes that because the whole town is about to implode from the bleeding over and they need to find a safe spot. Peter and Walter have a quick discussion and realize that there is an eye to the storm. They pile everyone onto a bus from the 70’s (to avoid the electrical outage problem), but one of the people on the bus grows a second head, Walter pepper sprays him and Peter literally kicks him off the bus as the bus is driving. Peter has become a total badass. They finally get to the safe zone and the town implodes.

Afterward, Broyles and team descend on the place and discover that packets were placed around the town by Jones to create the EMP thingy and it was probably his fault that the two universes began to bleed in that area. This does not explain Olivia’s confusion. Damn, if they don’t leave us hanging yet again! The FBI gives the remaining families some money to get restarted as the camera pans out and shows a huge empty space. The shot reminded me of how Sunnydale imploded at the end. Took seasons for Whedon to get to an imploded town, Fringe does it as a side story. Also, there is a pretty high body count in this episode. I hope this doesn’t mean we have to watch Olivia go through “after shooting a gun at a person therapy.” 

Walter has been super helpful and easy-going with Peter. Listening to him, and  not getting jealous when Peter comes up with a good idea. Either he really wants Peter gone, or he is starting to care for his Not Son. Peter stops by Olivia’s for a minute. She is all smiles and eager to see him. She also has pizza from their special place, hands him a cup of wine, and kisses him in greeting. WTF-ery is this? Peter looks heart-broken and confused. Olivia, he says as he steps back. Is Peter’s Olivia bleeding into this Olivia? Why is Walter so nice? Does this mean both Universes are bleeding into each other? Is this all Nina’s bad Bad Broyle’s doing? If there is nothing wrong with Olivia’s blood, are the injections causing this? Either way:

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