Nodds & Nends: Book Carvings, Traveling Red Dress, and Michael Bay

Look at these kick ass book carvings! I totally want one of them.

The Bloggess began a wonderful movement called The Traveling Red Dress that has brought a lot of joy and hope to people struggling with depression or feeling like sometimes putting on a beautiful dress for no reason will just make everything better. And you know, it does. The movement has inspired a lot of people. It inspired this comment:

When you said “Ball gowns are flying across the country”, the first thing I thought of was looking up in the        sky and seeing scores of victorian dresses flying through the air. And a small child, who is walking down the street with her mother would look up at the sky and ask: Mommy, what are those things? And the mother would smile, look down and say to her child: That’s hope. ~ Plaidfox

Which inspired this illustration of a flying red dress. I love the internets.

Michael Bay the only director of a geeky franchise that isn’t a geek.

The man who played Inspector Spacetime on the show Community wants to make an Inspector Spacetime movie, but he needs our help.  Check out his kickstarter project.


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