Television Review: Haven

Recently I was encouraged to watch Haven, a show that I have seen promos for, but didn’t sit down and actually watch, not sure if I would like it. But after Christie shared that she enjoyed Warehouse 13 and EUReKA as much as I did, I put it in my Netflix DVD queue and devoured the first season. It has a lovely mixture of drama and character development. While there is a nice overall story arc to the show, each episode deals with its Trouble of the week. FBI Agent Audrey Parker (played by Emily Rose) is smart, tough, and persistent without being a total bitch.

Bitchyness has its place, but her calm, quiet toughness is a nice changed. Audrey arrives in Haven following a wanted fugitive, and gets more than she bargained for in the process. She meets Nathan (played by Lucas Byrant), a local detective who doesn’t have a sense of touch. What I enjoy about their relationship is that they have each other’s back. They argue and they mostly don’t agree with each other, but they display a sense of togetherness and compromise focuses at helping each other flesh out different theories on the case. Audrey also meets rakish Drake (played by Eric Balfour), who seems to let Audrey convince him to help because he likes her quite a bit, but also I think he wants to help and he plays it because he likes her. Their chemistry is quite lovely, funny, sweet, and quirky all at the same time.

FBI Agent Audrey Parker shows up in a small town in Maine called Haven, where she discovers that the town is hiding a lot of secrets. She begins to investigate The Troubles with local detective Nathan and the help of local smuggler and pirate Drake. Audrey seems to have a knack for spotting the truth, even when it is hard to believe. A woman who controls the weather with her emotions, a man who reads stories to life, and men who grow old hours after having sex with a beautiful woman. Unknown to Audrey, her FBI Boss dude seems to know more than he is saying. He stands in the shadows and watches. Audrey at one point makes a reference to a FBI agent who went crazy following aliens, a nice touch that the show is very similar to the X-files.

Nathan is one of the Trouble, and since the started up again (they appeared 25 years earlier, disappeared for a while and are now back), and he can’t feel anything. He has trouble dealing with his father who is also the Chief of Haven. The Chief seems to think that Nathan would rather hide his head in the sand than deal with the Troubles. But Audrey points out that Nathan is quite capable and her encouragement and support of Nathan is appropriate and sweet. Nathan really begins to come into his own the first season of Haven, and it is quite a lovely character development.

Drake, while a bit of a rake, aids Audrey when she is facing a Trouble that requires some digging as a newcomer to an old town Audrey doesn’t have the clout to find out. Audrey and Drake are also somehow connected in the past Troubles. Audrey finds a picture of a woman at the scene of the death of the Colorado Kid (a nod to Stephen King who wrote the series the television show is based on) who looks exactly like her, and Drake is one of the people in the photo. Unfortunately, even though he was there the day Audrey’s double (possibly her mother) was alive, he has no recollection of that day. Drake and Audrey flirt a bit and even try to set up a date, but it is not too serious (yet), and therefore it is not angsty either (yet). While, there is a bit of a triangle going on, who wouldn’t want to be in the middle of these two handsome men, it is not the focus of the show which makes it easier to deal with.

Kudos to Balfour for his ballsyness... can I say that?

Season one ends on a cliff hanger bringing up questions of who Audrey is and where she came from. As an orphan growing up in foster homes she has no real sense of identity except what the FBI gave her. Nathan and his father are at odds over the secrets his father are keeping. Drake is on the constant look out for a man with a strange tattoo that seems to be hunting him down. An exciting ride, great story lines, and great character development. I look forward to watching season 2 (not yet available on Netflix DVD, though a few episodes are available on Hulu). I really don’t understand how there has not been more buzz about this show. Why are people not watching it? It makes no sense. This show is great, give it a try, I’m glad I did! It’s only 13 episodes.

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