One Thousand Posts and Counting

Today as I type the words for post number 1,000, I’m a little amazed. I began my blogging career on wordpress on a site that is no longer is public. It mostly had a lot of rants about people who don’t know that a strawberry stem is biodegradable. The purpose of the blog was as directionless as I felt. Meanwhile, I was blowing up my Facebook page with links to fun postings, comments, and websites with cool nerdy delights. I called them my nerd links of the day. I  started out with one posting on Facebook which quickly escalated. My friends were like, Um, why don’t you write a blog. And I was like, Dude I am writing a blog. And they were like, Woa I totally forgot about your cherry-pit-is-biodegradable-blog, are you still on that? I said, Not anymore.

Strawberry photograph by Walter J. Pilsak, Waldsassen, GNU Free Documentation License.
Cherry photograph By Sujit kumar via Wikimedia Commons

The last year has had its ups and downs, literally as I was on several planes, and figuratively, as I felt life shifted several planes, but one of the highlights of my year, and something that brings me continual happiness, is posting my goody geeky finds and having people enjoy discovering them too. This blog wouldn’t be here without you all, so thanks.

I started  AbsurdlyNerdly with the plan of throwing up my links like I had on Facebook. Then I discovered the wonders of putting up pictures, youtube videos, and obsessing over my sites stats page. I became super psyched whenever I gained a new permanent reader, actually I’m still psyched when I see that someone is following me or getting me in their email. After a month I took stock and then in July I was ecstatic to have 8 people who had signed up to get every posting, with getting 50 hits a day and a couple of likes a week, and a with receiving about one comment a week. I wanted to up the ante so I made some Fourth of July resolutions to engage in the internets more, and come out of my passive shell of posting links I found while running around the inner workings of the internets and laughing manically.

Fourth of July resolutions, I’m so patriotic!

I hated commenting on blogs until I realized that no one was going to reach through the computer and smack my hand with a ruler and call me stupid if I made a comment they didn’t like. Instead I started having wonderful running conversations on topics I was interested in with people who were also interested in those same topics. I found blogs like A Confederacy of Spinsters and Deidra Alexander’s Blog both of which are full of humor and fun musings on life, but also where my comments were appreciated. And lo, they commented on my blog. Now, instead of forcing myself to comment on another blog once a week I easily comment on four or five postings a day. I have fun reading about and engaging in the lives of people I would never have known otherwise.

Don’t Be Stupid, Comment!

I made an effort to add funny commentary on the links I was posting, and I started creating original content. My reviews are now full of links to other sites (such as Read in a Single Sitting), comments on the book, and funny stories of the lone plant in my apartment. I built a TARDIS and posted that, I put up the nerdy highlights of a trip I took, and every week I review a television show that I’m watching. The result is that I am no longer scared of engaging with other people and their blogs. I have fun reading other people’s posts, commenting on funny things, and while my real life may not be headed in the direction I thought it would be, my life on the internet is, and that makes me happy. I’ve only had one person call me stupid because she didn’t like my review of a book, and without a moments hesitation I deleted her comment. I’m no longer scared of the internet, I’ve put it in its place. This is my blog, and here no one is allowed to call me stupid (especially after I wrote a thoughtful, though opinionated, review of the book).

My TARDIS, my geekiest accomplishment. Which is saying something.

What has following through on my goals accomplished besides a general feeling of happiness and belonging? I have an average of 200 hits a day (which is not a lot until you think about where I was 8 months ago), the largest amount of people to come to my site on a particular day was 627 (which was the day I posted the review that people had problems with), and I average 62 comments a month. Interestingly enough more people commented on the that review than any other posting. And most of the commenters we appreciative that I don’t feel I have to like every book I read. Having an opinion doesn’t make me stupid, it is just having an opinion. I now have 51 WordPress followers, 9 comment followers, and “150” Facebook followers (that being the number of people I’m friends with on Facebook I think there is more like 20 or 30 of my friends who actually look at my blog semi-regularly), and my greatest internets accomplishment- A guest post!

Having overcome my fear of being called stupid, by engaging and then dealing with the one person who did so, I now have new goals for the way that I engage with the internets. I want to up my reviews (which is hard, I have two jobs and this is an unpaid gig that I do for fun), send out more guests posts, and look up more interesting blogs and engage with the authors of the blogs. I also am thinking of setting up a Facebook page for Absurdly Nerdly and maybe even getting on Twitter. Once again, a time consuming idea when I don’t really have the time. And also maybe because I’m just a little afraid of Twitter.

I feel the Twitter Bird is part of Angry Birds and is going to launch out at me if I ever decide to join Twitter


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