American Girl Disney and More

Below are some themed Disney Princesses illustrations. All quite interesting. 

First up is the American Girl Disney. I think this is my favorite. But I’ve a soft spot for American Girl. I still have my Felicity doll. 

Or check out this Superhero Make Under, where Ariel is turned into a superhero gets more abs and less clothes. I’m not super excited about this, though the illustration is gorgeous. I’m not sure why being a superheroine means less clothes. 

And then I found this illustration of Disney Princesses in Bikinis. So you know. That’s cool They all have impossibly small waists, though there are some impressive thighs. Way to go Belle, you were always my favorite. 

If that isn’t sexy enough for you, check out the Pin-up Princesses. Again impossibly thin waistlines. 

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