Princess Mash-up Poem

Once upon a time, in a land far too near, a mash-up did appear of Twilight and the Disney Princess dears.

Disney movie poster -Twilight- by

Gasp, what horror does’t my eye behold? One fad is consumed by another, what aberrations will now unfold? The Disney Princesses begin their transformation from vampire to zombie before my very sight. I think Belle would agree, this reconfiguration, like the Beast’s, is quite a fright.

Burtonized Princess: Belle by

As the Burton Beings begin to crumble, the undead unladies begin to growl. “We want more than meat and bones,” Did Snow White chime in with moans. “We want every foot of your undigested bowels.”


Finding unfull belllies on other people’s exposed tummies, the zombified creatures began to howl in dissatisfaction as down the stairs they crawled. “This is all your fault, you pale faced, diamond encrusted, animal eating vamp, Rob Pattinson!”

Undead Disney cosplays by
Photo by Michael Chan at


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