Graphic Novel Review: More Fables

I decided to plug away at the Fables series by Bill Willingham and Co., despite my well advertised dislike of graphic novels. I went to the library to see if there were more on the shelves, and discovered that there are two areas in my library that contain graphic novels. I go to an awesome library that has 9 or 10 floors and I usually only venture on to two. Eventually, I found the second graphic novel section, the Fables series, and pulled every single volume off the shelf. Laden with my goodies I hurried back to the office and stuffed 12 books into my drawers, locking them away from temptation, pulling them back out for the ride home.

I love this series. I love the characters, the story line, and I don’t hate reading graphic novels so much. It’s never going to be my *thing*, but I have learned how to speed read through the story and I enjoy my time in Fabletown. I am even contemplating another series after finishing this one. ::gasp:: I’m still not in love with how Bigby’s lips are drawn, but it doesn’t ruin the series for me.

Vol. 4. Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers

*slight spoilers*

Summary: In this volume soldiers from the Homelands arrive on a mission from The Adversary to conquer or destroy Fabletown. The troops rally, and in spite of being pregnant Snow White heads the defense of Fabletown until Bigby arrives from tracking down the gate that the wooden soldiers came through. Pinocchio discovers he has many brothers and believes his father is being used by The Adversary to send them to destroy Fabletown. Boy Blue recounts his adventures getting out of the Homeland and how he fell in love with Red Riding Hood.

My Thoughts: I really like Boy Blue’s story and his role in the Fabletown community. Fleshing out an entire background from a nursery rhyme,  is just delicious story telling. Snow White and Bigby continue to meander through life together, and I wonder what will happen between the two of them now that Snow White is pregnant. I also wonder whether her kids are going to look purely human or not. I have a sneaking suspicion that Geppetto is not being used by The Adversary, but that could be my cynical nature.

Vol. 5 Fables: The Mean Seasons

*slight spoilers*

Summary: Bigby and Snow Whites babies are born! And they are totally cute and only one of them looks human. Some of Bigby’s back story is explored, as told by one of his soldier buddies from one of the wars he was in. Prince Charming and King Cole run for Mayor of Fabletown and it is no surprise who wins. But this puts Snow White and Bigby out of a job, plus Snow White is forced to move to the farm because of her brood unable to fit into the Mundy world.

My Thoughts: No surprise that Prince Charming won the election, but I am curious to see how he messes up the government system Snow White and Bigby had in place. What does it mean now that Snow White is at the farm? Bigby isn’t allowed to be there and Rose Red is running the place. Snow White becomes maternal rather quickly and taking care of her flying brood of six can’t be easy. I love that Cinderella is more than a person with good looks, and that she is actually helping Fabletown and not just whining all the time. I’m a little annoyed that the Snow White and Bigby relationship seems to have been dropped for the time being. I don’t really want to follow Beast and Beauty around.

Vol. 6 Fables: Homelands

*slight spoilers*

Summary: Jack begins his adventures in Hollywood after leaving Fabletown. He build’s an empire making movies about his exploits until the new sheriff arrives to send him packing. But this volume was mainly about Boy Blues adventures when he re-enters the Homelands with the Witching Cloak. A man of valor is our Boy Blue and he takes on The Adversaries goblins and tax collectors. He is on his way to rescue the real Red Riding Hood when he is frozen by the Snow Queen and ends up in a cage in Geppetto’s cabin. Boy Blue extracts information from Geppetto and finally makes an escape taking the real Red Riding Hood back to Fabletown with him.

Boy Blue and Flycatcher Cosplay

My Thoughts: This is my favorite volume yet. I love the look at the Homelands. I loved following Boy Blue’s adventures, I almost started loving to read graphic novels, but don’t worry, I didn’t get that carried away. After reading volume six I don’t hate graphic noels anymore, which is a good thing. Also, I liked reading about Jack’s adventures in Hollywood and I totally see why there is a whole series on his stories alone. I may have to read them too. Yikes, another series of graphic novels I’m contemplating reading! What have you done to me Bill Willingham?!! I enjoyed that Boy Blue is extremely smart and courageous and clever. I wonder if Pinocchio staying in the Homelands is just a ruse. . . . we’ll see!


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