Television Review: Fringe Friday: The End of All Things Bright and Beautiful

Fringe returns tonight with “A Short Story About Love”, in anticipation of this show hitting the airwaves again after its 4 week hiatus I have decided to finally get around to reviewing “The End of All Things”, which aired in February. Yeesh. Suffice to say, I’m a bit behind, but not too late. I have valid family emergency excuses and I wont apologize, I’ll just get down to business.

“The End of All Things” was a brisk walk though the over all story arc. Many important things happened, and I’m sure I missed half of them. Olivia has been kidnapped right from under Peter’s nose, and there are two Ninas floating around who could be anything from shapeshifters, to alternate universe Ninas, to alternate timeline Ninas. It is a mad race until the end and it quite exciting!

Peter and Agent Lee have a bit of a tête-à-tête where Agent Lee yells at Peter for falling in love with Olivia who was been taken over with the memories of Peter’s Olivia. Frankly, I agree with Agent Lee here. Just because her mind is being over run by an alternative time line mind doesn’t make her Peter’s Olivia. But the important issue is Olivia’s disappearance so when Peter gets an idea, Agent Lee helps him.

Madman David Robert Jones has capture Olivia, he is determined to force her to control her mind controlling abilities. He has also “captured” Nina who is in the same dank basement as Olivia. Jones has figured out that Olivia’s abilities flair up when she is upset. So, he has Nina on a torture rack and his little box with the light bulbs sits next to Olivia waiting for her to light them up. Ok, who is really going to torture Nina! I mean seriously, it is sooo obvious she is a Bad Nina of some sort. DON’T FALL FOR IT OLIVIA!!!

Walter, Agent Lee, and Peter are trying to figure out what happened to Olivia. They think Nina has something to do with it and spend a whole lot of time questioning the Nina in their hands. I’m assuming this is Good Nina because it is my belief the other Nina is bad, but this could also be a Bad Nina. There are just too many of them floating around to really keep track of all the possibilities. Nina will not break, and the gang assumes it is because she is just that good. Or MAYBE SHE ISN’T INVOLVED!!! Walter also reprimands Peter for falling in love with this time line’s Olivia.

 Jones sings as a mad man, “Every horse wants a carrot, every mouse a piece of cheese.” OH good god, I forgot I have a mouse problem. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME, Fringe! ::Shudder:: Jones “tortures” Nina with electricity in front of her, but Olivia can’t turn on the light bulbs. Olivia says she needs a break. Nina is put in the same room as Olivia and they have a “bonding moment.” It is hard to see if Olivia can see through Nina’s facade, I’m crossing my fingers that she can. Olivia probes into Nina’s memories and it seems almost certain the Olivia has figured it all out and is seeking confirmation. Nina fakes a sickness and reveals she is in cahoots with Jones, yes, she is Bad Nina. Totes called it! Hopefully Olivia caught it too!

The Observers are on the scene bad mouthing September, the man who intervened. Later September shows up at Walter’s lab wounded. September confirms Peter’s belief that Bad Nina has been dosing Olivia because she is working with Madman Jones. Peter is unsure of Jones’ motives, but September says Jones’ goal is the same from the other time line. Walter tries to fix September up, but he is dying. Broyles tells Peter how Olivia heard from September that Olivia had to die, in future events. Peter gets the bright idea to go into September’s mind to find out what September knows about Olivia. ::CLAPHANDS:: I love when they use the machine to go into people’s minds!! Sweet!  

September takes Peter back to the beginning and explains that the Observers are future, super charged human beings who have learned  how to travel time and observe life as it unfolds. OOOH, trivia moment. Something is in the back of my mind. OOH. This is a spoiler I wont share, because I just remembered a clip I saw before this season began, and I wonder if that is what is being built toward right now. Just know, that I know, what I am talking about and that I totally called it. If it comes to past. Peter is important, so September tried to fix things, but it only altered too many things and a child was born that should not have been born, Peter’s son. Peter is shocked by this revelation. But it doesn’t have much time to really sink in, they are coming for September. September tells Peter to “Go Home” to find Olivia.

Peter and Walter talk, and Peter decides he need to go to his house to help this Olivia. Astrid is incredulous that Peter believes after all this time Olivia will just be waiting at his house. Walter says, that makes as much sense as anything else. Astrid says, “That doesn’t make any sense.” Walter replies, “My point exactly.” Ah, I LOVE Walter. He has the *best* lines ever! Peter enters his house, is punched in the stomach, and somehow that defeats our stalwart hero. SHEESH!

Jones captured Peter to use him as incentive for OliviaOlivia sets the whole damn light bulb box alight, and then controls the other electricity. Bad Nina tells Olivia not to, and then Olivia fries all the bad guys with electricity. GO OLIVIA!!!!! She wouldn’t be defeated by one punch to the stomach! … Or is Peter faking? Hmmmm. This does seem like a plan to get the two of them together using the Bad Guys. 

Yes, that was exactly Olivia’s plan. So I hope this works out. Olivia has a seizure and the bad guys try to beat up Peter, but this time our stalwart hero survives. Jones and Nina are getting away using a machine. Nina walks through the portal, but Olivia pulls a gun on Jones. Jones starts to walk away anyway, unafraid of Olivia’s little gun. Olivia shoots him through the throat, and he doesn’t go down. “There are some *fringe* benefits to having one’s body reassembled on an atomic level.” Jones quips. HAR HAR J.J. Abrams. HAR HAR.

Olivia collapses and Peter calls an ambulance. Olivia blames it on her expending energy to shot off the electricity, but Peter blames himself. Peter says that their kiss was a mistake, one he promised himself he would never make again. He saw HIS Olivia, and that is the one he is supposed to be with, the one from his timeline. Olivia nearly cries, but I am her! Peter says, no, when I look into your eyes I see what I want to see. But my Olivia still exists, and she is waiting for me. Peter believes Walter will fix up this Olivia, and so he just walks away. Literally.

I have to go home, Peter says.


Will these poor kids every get together in the right time line with the right Olivia? 

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