Television Reivew: Fringe Friday: A Short Story of Love, Love, Love

I know, I know, my Fringe reviews have not been on track lately and this is a leetle  over due, but honestly I’m back on track and will be posting last weeks episode review on Friday, promise. Some times hanging out with your rent-a-kid and making jellyfish arts and crafts is a little more important than writing up a review for your fun side project blog. Just saying.

“A Short Story of Love” is my favorite kind of episode, a leap forward in the overall story arc for this season. Olivia and Peter fight to figure out who they are and where they belong in this time line, Walter discovers that something has been left behind by the Observer September, and a burn victim is killing couples in love. A great story, emotional, and quirky little side bits from the Fringe event of the week.

The Fringe event went along with the over all story and mood of this episode per usual. Frankly, it was a little unsurprisingly about love and pheromones. Men are being dehydrated, their hormones stolen, and then this burn victim uses it as perfume for a few kisses from the lover of the man before killing her. Maybe if you weren’t killing women you wouldn’t have to steal your kisses. Just saying. 

Meanwhile, this timeline’s Olivia is being eclipsed by the other timeline’s Olivia and she isn’t happy especially because Peter is leaving. Basically she is loosing a love, a best friend, partner, and the cute guy at the office. Because both Olivia’s have relationships with Peter, and both of them are warring in her head over him. And he just ups and leaves. Just another man deciding what is best emotionally for the woman. Gah. 

Peter is about to head out on a bus to New York when Walter delays him. Walter has watched the video of the Observer in the lab and thinks that he put something in Peter’s eye. Sure enough, it is a small coded disk with an address on it. Peter goes to the address and it is September’s apartment.

Olivia and Agent Lee work on the case, she feels like she is loosing herself. Agent Lee assures her that he will be there for here. Can we all say awww. They find the lair of the burn victim and a man has been dehydrated. They track down his wife only to discover he was really in love with his mistress. The wife says they married even though they weren’t in love because he was her safe choice, he was always there for her in college when she got her heart broken by other guys. Agent Lee seems to have a revelation at this point. I think he realizes he would be Olivia’s safe choice. Not a fun choice at all. Believe, I know. 

Olivia and Agent Lee track down the burn victim and put him away. He remarks that Olivia smells like she is in love. Creepy.

Peter finds a hidden suitcase full of gadgets. He uses the gadgets to find some sort of torpedo looking machine in the forest. He takes it back to the apartment and turns it on. September appears in the apartment. The other Observers hid the universe from him so he needed Peter to bring him back, even if just for a moment. The torpedo was a beacon for him to follow. Peter is desperate, he pleads for the Observer to help him get home. The Observer says, You have been home all along. This is your universe. Scientifically your erasure and return are not explainable. But you are home now. Honestly, I think Peter is so hot because he is incredibly smart and unafraid of exploring things. Le Sigh.

Olivia and Nina have brunch and Olivia tells Nina that she has decided to let the alternate timeline Olivia take over, because she was a better version of Olivia than this Olivia. She was someone who believed in love, so she has decided to let this eclipse take its course. Nina does agree, she feels like this Olivia is dying.

The Observer tells Peter that he theorizes that Peter could not be erased because of all the people who loved him would not let him go, and Peter would not let them go either. It is all about love. No duh, that is just what this entire episode was about. September says, She is your Olivia. The beacon dissolves and the Observer is gone.

Peter is standing in front of Olivia’s door when she arrives home, they run to each other and “A Short Story of Love”ends with a kiss.

The Observer was right, Olivia did have to die. But now they can be together. Which means of course they wont. I should stop watching right now while everything is OK, because you KNOW they are going to ruin it. 

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