Webseries Review: Checked Out

I received a promotional introduction to a new webseries, Checked Out. The webseries centers around the comings and goings of an independent grocery store break room.  The story centers around David Greenman (Bones, Gilmore Girls, Weeds), who both writes and stars in the series,  and Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin Williams) who are the big fish in a small group of players. Existing solely to avoid as much work as possible while pulling in a paycheck, Marissa and Jameson banter back and forth while reading magazines in the break room and mocking their fellow co-workers.

I think the concept is fun and quirky. Zelda Williams has a definite sense of comedic timing, and she has made me chuckle more than once. David Greeman plays his part admirably, as do the rest of the cast. The production value is quite good, it is basically just any backroom of any retail store. One critique I have, is that the break room is not nearly messing enough. Honestly, I’ve never been in a break room that was as tidy as this one is (barring some relatively nice looking cardboard boxes). It has a way less lived in feel than the bachelor(ette)esque break rooms I’ve been privy to. While enjoyable, the banter and writing could be tighter.  Often the characters are one liners instead of a set up and punch line.

Quirky with a heavy dose of sarcasm, Checked Out rings in at just underwhelming. I think the concept is good and the actors competent, but it could be better. The series hangs back a little bit, and has not taken the plunge into outrageous and funny. I hope as the series progresses it finds its quirky little voice and doesn’t rely on outrageously large hair to hide behind, but discovers how to portray the outrageous situations that inevitably arise when ones job depends on dealing with the crazy public. As it slips silently down the conveyor belt,  Checked Out it grins and chuckles to itself, but will the baby ever stand up and do a little dance as it makes its way to the scanner?

Each episode is only 4 minutes long, so if you are inclined to watch what goes on in the back room of a retail store, check out Checked Out here.



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