Book Review: What’s a Ghoul to Do? and Abby Cooper Psychic Eye

Victoria Laurie is a New York Times Best Selling author and intuitive forecaster. Using her unique knowledge of psychic abilities she has written two series which delve into the subject, The Psychic Eye Series and The Ghost Hunter Series. I picked up the first book in each series and devoured both of them in two days. Quick, light, and fun reads, Ms. Laurie writes quirky characters with heart. I enjoyed both of them so much that the minute I could get to the library I pulled every book from each series off the shelf and squirreled them away until I got home.

Abby Cooper Psychic Eye

Abby Cooper is a psychic intuitive, she does readings of clients for a living. Abby has recently bought a fixer-upper that she is fixing with the help of  mostly  her handyman Dave. Abby decides to join an internet dating site and meets up with Dutch, a handsome broad shouldered man. After a few glasses of wine, Abby reveals her psychic abilities and mentions a case she saw on the news and the intuitive visions she received from her spirit guides. Dutch turns out to be a police officer. Just as she always feared, the police suspect Abby had something to do with the case on the news and tail her for a week determining her connection to the case.

Then one of Abby’s clients is found dead, and Abby blames herself for brushing off the woman when she needed help. Now, Abby is determined to aid in the investigation even though Dutch, who just so happens to be the lead investigator, is skeptical of Abby’s abilities. Listening to her intuition and spirit guides Abby hunts down a killer she hopes to reveal before he catches up with her. Plus, there is the whole sexual tension thing with Dutch who she is very attracted to, mostly because he is such a great kisser.

I really like Abby as a character. Except when she doesn’t listen to her intuition. Then I just get really annoyed. The woman is over 30, she has listened to her intuition for decades but at pivotal moments in her life, she decides not to listen to her spirit guides? What, the what? Anyway, what I do like about Abby is that she stands up for herself, even when everyone else (and by that I mean Dutch) questions her abilities. Abby remains firm in her belief that something is true, even if she doesn’t know the why of it. The case of the dead client was interesting, though I pretty much had guessed the twist and ending after the characters were introduced. It’s a gift I received from my father. I was looking for a fun read, with a new premise (psychics), that would afford me plenty of chuckles and an excellent escape on a windy bad weathered weekend, and I got all of that and more.

What’s a Ghoul to Do?

M.J., who was introduced as a character in Ms. Laurie’s The Psychic Eye Series (book #3), is a ghost buster. M.J. has an adoring parrot, who repeats everything she says, and Gilly, best friend and business partner. M.J. sends lost ghosts to the Other Side or seals them in their cubbyholes that lead down below. A really wealthy man asks for her services, but insists he tag along on the bust. M.J. refuses, believing he will get in her way if she were to speak to his late grandfather and determine if he really did commit suicide. Leaving it at that M.J. goes on about her day, even getting set up on a blind date.

You guessed it, it is Dr. Delicious at her table. The two get to talking, mostly because the doctor is so delicious and has a sexy accent, and M.J. agrees he can help as long as he stays out of her way. M.J., Gilly, Dr. Delicious, and the parrot head up to the “cabin” in the woods where Dr. Delicious’ grandfather died. As a ghost buster, M.J. must discover what really happened before she can confront the spirits and send them on their way. She soon realizes that this bust is not going to be easy, there are a lot of hidden secrets, and one angry ghost. Plus, she has to keep an eye out for Dr. Delicious who, in spite of M.J.’s rules, is making moves and turning her insides gooey.

I discovered Ms. Laurie’s series, because I saw the latest M.J. book on display. Realizing I had the seventh book in the series in my hand, I set it down and hunted for the first. While I really enjoy reading about Abby the psychic intuitive, I love M.J. the ghost buster. She is fearless at confronting ghosts, she is quick on the draw mentally, and she is just a really strong female character. She has a lot of rules about life and maybe that is why I relate to her. I love rules and orders. Why do you think I became a lawyer? But M.J. is not just one dimensional. She follows leads, listens to the ghosts, and deals with a crabby best friend. Ms. Laurie once again infuses her characters with warmth and humor, making for a delightful read.

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