Hunger Games Jewelry

Recently I was contacted by Jennifer Vallejo, a jewelry designer and geek at  heart. She told me about her online shop Wonder Store were she has some really cute pieces based on the Hunger Games and Twilight series. I was delighted to find subtle nods to geekery with her necklace and bracelet designs. These are definitely pieces  I could wear to work that most people wouldn’t know was geeky, but still thought cute. And I could grin crazily to myself thinking, I’ve pulled one over on The Man! They remind me of my Doctor Who pendant, where, to date, only two people have noticed it is a Doctor Who pendant. They think it is just a Van Gogh piece. (It is far more subtle than my TARDIS pinboard.)

Below are my three favorite pieces of Jennifer’s collection. Click on the image below to be taken to that pieces product page.

Plus, all these pieces are on sale. How awesome is that! Moreover, her prices are very reasonable.

I’m with Jennifer. No more Team Peeta, I’m Teem Katniss all the way!

If you like these pieces or want to see more geeky jewelry, head on over to Jennifer’s website and do some browsing!


Television Review: Fringe: Everything in its Right Place and The Consultant

Due to unexpected and expected traveling with unexpected lack of internet abilities, I got behind on my Fringe reviews. Whoops. I’mma try to catch up now. But I make no promises. I have to say, that having seen most of the recent episodes (thought not reviewed them) I am wondering what all of this is leading up to. It seems a specific set up for something. But I’m not sure how all of the crossing over between the two worlds is going to affect the overall story arc. Maybe these two episodes are just fillers, but I hope not.

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May the Force Be Ever in Your Favor

This just cracks me up. So many geeky things thrown together, awesomely and ridiculously. It is totally absurdly nerdly.  [via]